Wednesday, May 20, 2015

White to Black to White...

Isn't funny how our tastes change.
I used to love Chinese food and now I hate it.
Wait this wasn't going to be a food post but it always seems to start there...ummm dangit.
I was actually talking about the subtleties in our designing.

Basically through the years my design hasn't changed that much.  

Well that's not totally true because now I don't put battenburg lace doilies and runners under everything I own and come to think of it I don't wear it either.  Other differences too but we will get into them later.
But I have always loved vintage and antiques and white.

I have always loved white...
until I loved black.

That hit around 2005 and right when I was moving into Pear Cottage.
Soooo I painted all my cabinets black.
Black bathroom cabinets,
black on the laundry room cabinets.
I painted my huge desk in my family room black.
Double Dang...
Thank goodness my kitchen stayed white so don't get too scared.  But still a lot of black.

 That was 10 years ago and I am sooo done with black and right back on white or at least a version of white.
I got rid of the black cabinets in my bathroom first.  Hooray!

Now I don't work in any kind of order.  We just redo whatever bugs me the most and when Tom has an urge to do something.  It is getting farther and farther apart these days.  Again... dang.

Well my family room desk was really bugging me.  I have wanted it a lighter color for a while now. So when my honey asked if there was just a little house project I knew immediately what needed to be done.

Now this is one big desk so it took a spell.  I used chalk paint so we wouldn't have to sand and I love how it turned out.  More updates on our family room to follow but the next update was sooooo not my idea.  And just for a little teaser it was not painting something white like I wanted.
To be continued...


Photo bombing by Charles

So much better. :)

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