About Me

Hello, my name is Hilary and

I am celebrating the ordinary...

I am a wife, mother of 4, sister and daughter and my family is my everything.
I love being a mom... it is wonderful and exhausting and everything in between.  I am pretty sure that there is no other way to learn patience as effectively. 
I love taking pictures but I am pretty sure I haven't improved...ever.  But I have learned a ton and will keep learning.
I love houses especially English cottages.
I love hats, good food, a blossoming tree, hydrangeas, a cute outfit,
boxwood shrubs, sitting outside on my coach watching my kids swim, bike rides, the ocean, walking barefoot, watching my husband cook, white dishes, candles, a fire, warm summer nights, fresh from heaven babies, hugs from my kids, laughing with my sisters, ice cream, front porches, hiking in the hills, old dishes, vintage paintings, french design, all things England, pear cottage, Montana, diet coke, running, California coastline, sitting in church with my family, hot sunny days, San Francisco, talking to my teens, date nights with my Tom, Carmel, traveling, watching my kids grow, car rides to no where or to somewhere, golden gate bridge, clocks, cuddling, phone calls from my college student,my feet rubbed, chippy paint, walking along the beach, picnics, picnic baskets, barns, green rolling hills, lighthouses, eating outside, the smell of jasmine and lilacs and reading a good book. 

This is my spot in the whole wide world to talk about it all.

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