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Yep, it Still hasn't ended... master bathroom hideousness (part 3)

Ok for starters you need to be up to speed on Hideousness part 1 and hideous part 2.  Now you will notice that these posts were written almost 1 year ago and considering I can hardly remember what I ate for breakfast, I figure you may want to go back so you know what I am talking about.  Aannnd what am I talking about? 

Why my master bathroom of course.

I swell with pride to tell you that we have not been working on our bathroom for the last year. Tom practically killed himself getting it done because I was going bat sheet crazy. And by done I mean 99% done. The not done is the marble counter top.  The thing that is eating me up inside is we soooo have the marble counter tops too. They are in the garage. It really is one of my favorite craigslist stories.  I know I say that a lot but this one really is a total crack up. So I wish I could tell you right now but I can't because it just isn't time and it will get me off track...not that that has ever stopped me before.  The truth is I just haven't blogged about the re do because I really wanted it to be 100% done and once I realized that wasn't going to happen for a while I just never took pictures. 
The truth is I was lazy.  
This is why, among a million other reasons, that when I think to myself, "Hey, I would like to be a professional blogger," I remember who I am and that it takes me 1 year to update my blog on a room I did a year ago.  Real blogger people take pictures, edit them, instagram them, tweet and blog about their updates the day they finish them. 
So this will always have to remain as I lovingly call it, "My online private journal." I think that's funny.

OMG and to think I didn't tell my craigslist story because it would get me off track.  I think I need medicine. Ok here we go...the most important thing to realize at this point is that we stayed on budget of finishing our master bath for under $150.00 and it is so freaking cute!!!!!!
Say what?
I know I laugh so hard. 
It doesn't have the features that I would have liked if we had money to work with, like the claw foot tub, but I could not care less because it is soooooo darling.  I smile every single time I see it and say things to myself like,  "That is the cutest dang bathroom I have ever feaking seen in my freaking entire life." Now normal people would not notice their bathroom even if it was for just a second when they woke up and rolled over and saw it and it was just as cute as they remembered when they looked at it as they were closing their eyes the night before but I have never claimed to be normal.  Normal is sooooooo over rated.
I love my bathroom and I almost feel bad because I complained sooooo much about it during the process because I was worried and stressed of how to make it cute and darling for so cheap.
The $150.00 even includes the carrera marble counter top. 
I will try and do a break down of costs at the end and include my  craigslist story since I am sure I have you on the end of your seat. So without further adieu the almost done after pictures!!!!!

Ta Da!

This door leads to my closet and we installed the door and door handle like 2 years ago.

I think I need to say here if you want a good, slap your leg, hunch over laugh you may want to zoom in on my wedding pictures in the back.  I was married in 1990 and even then the wedding bells on my hat were a little out there but I loved them and I wanted them.  I didn't know that in 2015 they would be so crazy that I would silently cringe.  And what is up with that Napoleon Dynamite pose?  I mean the 80's were so over.

This view from our bed kills me because I love the view of the medicine cabinet from here.

I thought I would include some pics of our master bedroom too.  Because I love it.

 OK if you care-- here it goes....
Cabinets: Dresser and armoire free from craigslist.  They were black and we painted them my favorite color... Ralph Lauren ?
The toilet room sink cabinet is the bottom half of the armoire right next to it.  He then built the open shelving on the bottom part of the armoire and cut it in half and raised it because it was too thick with the toilet right there and it looked short.  In other words he rebuilt the armoire just reusing the doors...truly he's a magician. 
On the vanity side the dresser just happened to fit perfect and by perfect I mean shove them with your feet as hard as you can taking chunks out of the wall and building the baseboard around it. Ummm yea it's not going anywhere...ever.

Paint: Benjamin Moore horizon from our Living Room

Wood planks: We had leftover from when we did the boy's room and we painted them Kelly Moore swiss mocha which is my go to white.

Water works hexagon tile: We got on craigslist like 3 or 4 years ago.  $250.00 or something like that but i don't count it because it was so long ago.  :)

Medicine cabinet door and drawers: The door is actually a really heavy old window from a salvage place in Berkeley. $25.00  The drawers were taken out of a bedside table that was free on the side of the road. He made them smaller to fit in the space we had.

Lights: They were out in our pool house and we turned them upside down. We spray painted toilet paper rolls white that were cut in half to make them look like candle holders holding the light bulbs. The chandelier was already in there.  We changed it when we moved in 10 years ago.

Mirrors: The mirror in the toilet part used to be in my entry way and then I inherited this amazing shell mirror from my parents that is in the entry now.  The twin mirrors I got at a thrift store a while back and was waiting to do something with them. They were $20.00.

Am I missing anything?  He had to dry wall some stuff and crap for the floor but it was minimal and didn't cost more than $40.00

Sinks and faucets stayed the same.  I wanted to use wall mount and I even bought them but Tom was going to have to redo the plumbing and that was not going to happen right then.

Oh I have to add too that we sold all of our existing cabinets.  They were actually good cabinets I just wanted the furniture and it was free so why not.  We sold the cabinets for $175.00 so can I just please say that we made money on our makeover?

Oh my gosh I am sooooo done but i better tell my story or I never will. But I will make it the shortened version. Tom saw this huge slab of marble and so we load up the kids on Sunday and head to Napa.  Tom gets out to talk to the guy and Tom all business like asks, "How much do you want for it?" And the guy, who inherited it from his dad, who happened to be in the demolition business. The dad got it while tearing down an old hospital in San Francisco in the 50's and nabbed it. The dad gave it to his son and the son tried to put it down for flooring in his workshop but it was too heavy.  So it had just been in his garage for like 40 years.  haha... I mean seriously...a floor.  He just wants it gone at this point and says business like right back, "How about $50.00?" So Tom put on his "I guess but it seems a little high price" face and they heaved 2 huge pieces of carrera marble and we high tailed out of there like we robbed a bank and the police were going to give us life in prison.  When we knew we were safe and the man wasn't going to say, "Oops" and chase after us we wet our pants laughing.  Ok so I wet my pants but everyone was laughing.  Even Charlie knew it was ridiculous.
So now I have all this marble and 2 places to put it.  The kitchen or the bathroom. So between it costing money to put in and the quandary of where to put it, I have this great story but no marble in. 
Now that I think about it this story isn't that funny anymore. But when the marble is in and not in my garage it will be soooo funny...right?   

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My boy and I said...

I loved this! And seriously it is the cutust most darling bathroom I have EVER seen!
You both are so talented!

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