Friday, January 17, 2014

Let's talk kitchens...

I am in my kitchen 99.99% of the time and that is just the plain facts.  
It is not just the cooking and the cleaning up, heavens no, it is the everything else too.  Possibly it is the constant homework  (kill me now)  but as I sit here writing this though I'm thinking seriously why am I always in the kitchen?
Thank goodness I LOVE my kitchen! 
In fact as a side note you know how when you are watching house hunters and every time someone walks into the house they say, "I love this open floor plan."  
Every. Single. Time.
Well I am the one person in all of the world's 6 billion that thinks that the open floor plan would stink.

I LOVE not having a TV in my kitchen.
  I love that when the biggest football of the season is on every single week, and my boys scream for 3 hours straight that I can shut the door and say bu bye. I love that when my little people want to play they need to go somewhere else to do what it is that they do. Have I mentioned that my little people are super loud.  Sure I have a RC car at my feet sometimes and an occasional jacks game going on but since the family room is not connected they are soooo much more likely to go in the family room.  Which as I stated is NOT connected to my kitchen.  
Plus as a bonus to me I love small unconnected rooms that feel warm and cozy and only an older house (or one that has been designed like an older house) has that.
I can shut my kitchen off completely with 2 pocket french doors leading to the entry hall and dining room and the door that of course leads to the family room.  
Who built this house? Straight brilliance.
So any who this is just a really long winded way of saying whatever the reason, possibly escape, I am in my kitchen a whole lot.

When we first moved in 9 years ago I thought we would possibly gut the kitchen or at the minimum get new counter tops and cupboards. 
 must be the slowest learner in the world because we don't ever gut...not ever.  
We recycle, we paint, we add, but we never gut.
That is just not our thing.
So everything in our house evolves...the never ending project.
Our kitchen needed some cosmetic help to warm it up and make it the kind of kitchen that makes me happy to be in it as much as I am.
The bones were great...sure we could add on or expand into our dining room but truthfully I like having a dining room and I like a small manageable kitchen.  
The perfect size for cooking and baking and having everything just right there where I need it. 
I was going to post kitchens that I love off of pinterest/houzz and I still might do that sometime because every kitchen I love just has a little something different. A little country with a little industrial with a little french influence.
They don't have to be the nicest kitchens for me to love them in fact most of them aren't.  There is just a feel to them that I love and want to emulate.
Sure I love to look at huge beautiful kitchens but they are just not the kind that I personally would want to have.
(Don't you love that we are sooo different and we all love such different things?)

So I thought I would update my journal, so to speak, on our kitchen.

This will just be an over view and then I will go into more detail over time.  One post would be way too long for me emotionally.
I can borderline handle this. (How do full time bloggers do it?)
Now one more weird thing about me is I have grown to love my tile.  
I know weird.  
Once again I think I am the only human on the planet that wants 6 in. square tile counter top.  
It looks old fashioned and cute to me and it is a better alternative than anything else.  Soooo until I can get  the marble I like.. this is second best.
OK so here we go...I will show you pictures and details later.


Lily said...

Came over from Hooked on Houses. Your kitchen is very sweet. My kitchen is also closed off.(commented under my name Jeanne over at Hooked on Houses) I would certainly not gut your kitchen - it is charming.

puppyfur said...

Arrived from HOH, too. Your kitchen is charming and looks practical. One thing I can never understand is why people need a tv in the kitchen! It seems we have to have something "on" nearly 24/7. I love to cook, and enjoy thinking while I cook.

Angie said...

Came from HOH as well...your kitchen looks great! We are gutting/remodeling our house and our kitchen has been open to the entry and dining room...not the easiest to hide messes from guests. My dh decided to add a couple of counter-depth walls and shrink the walkway into the kitchen. I didn't want to feel like I was in a cave, but after reading your post and the comments on HOH, I'm thinking I might actually like it better and may put up swinging saloon doors on the opening to close it off more. Time will tell though...we don't even have the sheetrock hung on the new walls yet.

Leslie said...

Ditto (came over from HOH also). I absolutely adore your pretty, charming, lived in, eclectic kitchen. I would choose this any day over a large, open concept, hgtv cookie cutter kitchen. Just lovely.

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