Pear Cottage

Our family lives 25 min. east outside of San Francisco. We moved here 21 years ago from Denver and I grew up In Salt Lake City, Utah. I love it so much here it is ridiculous, and every day I just hope that I get to live here for just one more day.  It is my dream location in every way. But I have always had a vision of living in a quaint, darling, English cottage. 

Fast forward to our current home.

We bought our home 15 years ago and I want to live here for 50 more. But it took some time getting there.  At a snails pace, between working and raising our 4 children, my handyman honey has touched and redone every surface of my home making it my dream cottage. 

We named it "Pear Cottage" after all the neighborhood pear trees.  This property used to be a pear orchard and every home has a few pear trees to show off it's history. We have more things to do in our home and it is certainly not quite there... almost but not quite. I will show you the fun changes as we go along. 
A home is our special little haven to get away from it all and Pear Cottage is by far my favorite spot in this big world. 

Dining Room


Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

 My Big Boys Bedroom

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