Friday, April 25, 2014

Master Bath Hideousness...(Part 1)

Yea so anyway this happened and not on purpose either.

Our water heater apparently went out but instead of just not giving us hot water like most water heaters when they give up the ghost, this one just leaked all over the stinking place for who knows how long.
We became aware of the mishap when my honey noticed some paint bubbling up on the wall.  So then he wondered where the water was leaking from, knocked on the wall and then his hand accidentally just went through the rotted wall.  
Yea that's not good...I don't know much about anything but I knew probably that was a bad sign.
So to add insult to injury we found out that the whole wall was rotted as well as the sub floor that the linoleum was sitting on.  We are still hoping to dry out the main floor with these fans that you see in this lovely picture.

So what does this all mean?
I get a new floor and that is a big fat hooray!!!!!!!!! 
That is excellent news because blech on linoleum and besides we had bought our tile 3 years ago in San Fran and never put it in.
Why you ask would you buy a floor and never put it in?
The easiest answer to that is we do it all the time because we always have plans of doing a really fantastic, extensive redo and that never ever ever never ever happens. 
When will we learn that we are band aiders not gutters and full redoers?  Gutters and full redoers cost money and that is just not our style sooooo we are going to try and band aid this master bathroom on the tightest budget ever....not thousands or hundreds but like zero, notta, zilch. 
This is going to be soooo much fun.

Am I getting the oversized shower with two shower heads? No
Bathtub? Nope
Different placement of the toilet so when my guests come to the door and I ran to the bathroom so fast and I didn't shut the bathroom door have a direct view of my toilet? You guessed it and no again.
How about that window? No sir

I don't want that to sound like Debbie Downer or boo hoo or anything like that because quite frankly I am just happy to have a separate bathroom from the other people that live in my house.  I have gladly lived with it for almost 10 years now.
But is what I am saying is we would not have started this right now if it wasn't for that evil water heater that set this ball in motion and gave me absolutely zero choice.

So now this is starting.  
I will keep you updated on progress because that's fun and doesn't everyone want to see a master bath redo on the tightest budget ever?  
Why of course we do.

This is the door that if  I am going to wet my pants and I forget to close that my guests can almost see me on the toilet or at least zipping up my pants.  In my dreams we were going to close this off permanently and my beautiful big shower with 2 shower heads would be in front of it.
BTW look at my new cute tile in this shot.

This is the view from the toilet. Oh hello there....welcome and just let me finish zipping up my pants.

Ok this view is the one right from the master. There is the wall that was rotted. The evil water heater is just behind it .My stunning bedroom is just behind me.  Hard to believe isn't it.

see what I mean...cute bedroom and beyond hideous carpet and bathroom.

My honey put that door in a while back that leads to my closet.

This is what my honey reads to try and get us out of these continual messes.  Can you believe he put in a new water heater?  The man has skills.

See how all we needed to do was extend the shower from where it is to make my dream one? And see how it is just plain wrong to be able to get out of the shower and see people at the door?

Oh well no matter this project is under way!!!


My boy and I said...

I am so excited to see how it all turns out. But there were several times that I laughed out loud reading this post. Oh my gosh I just love you so much and am so glad you are my aunt! I miss you and luckily we will most likely have some baking to do for the wedding coming up so good times ahead forsure!

Sarah and Scott said...

so fun to hear from you. I'm impressed with all the work you guys have done on your own -- way to go! (although I'm sure it is not fun news to find out about the leak)

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