Friday, May 15, 2015

Everlasting House Love...

I love chocolate covered almonds and Safeway's Greek mango yogurt and plantains from Trader Joes and lemon ginger tea.  

All of that will change within the next month or two and I will have a new list of things I love. 
Then there are things that I L.O.V.E today and tomorrow and next year.  
That list is crazy long like picnics (well mostly it is about the picnic baskets), listening to the rain on a roof, cuddled inside and under a blanket reading a book (which I happened to be doing right before I wrote this) and houses.  

Yes houses. 

I love them.  Inside and out.  
When I was in college I fell in love with a little adorable cape cod and I stalked it like you would a boyfriend.  I would do drive by's with my head outside the window like a puppy or sometimes when time allowed I would just park across the street and stare at it's perfect little dormer windows with it's perfect blue door.  Well not much has changed in those 20+ years.  I still do drive by's on all my favorites in my neighborhood.   It's easy in California where there is no shortage of amazing architecture and a perfect growing season for the yards.  Thank goodness my honey loves it too and we explore endlessly.  And even though my little adorable town has some amazing houses, I am pretty sure that nothing and I mean nothing in this great country of ours has an entire town of houses like... 

Carmel, California

The entire town is out of a storybook.
I know I have talked about it before because it has always been my favorite seaside town. 
But now that we spend so much time there I really get to appreciate it all the time and I have come to love this place (which I did not think was possible) even more.
Here are some of my favorites from last week end.  

Are you kidding me on this one?  
I see her all the time because we pass her to get to our families house but I can't take each and every time.  Who lives there? Are they human or are they like a family of rabbits or raccoons?  I am going to have to stalk this adorable little thing.

Again...holy cow and on the beach

Now this one I just can't understand...I can't.  
It's on the beach and we walk by it because my families house is just up the street.
Why oh why is it abandoned?
Is it haunted?
I would gladly reside with ghosts if I got to live there.
I just don't understand and that is all I have to say about that.

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