Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do It Yourself Barn Door

I knew I wanted a barn door the second I saw one.  
Two big problems...

1. Where to put it and 
2. they are so stinkin' expensive.

Problem number 1 was solved in all of 5 minutes.  Master room...done... decision made.
Problem 2 took about 1 year.  My honey who is somewhat of a home improvement magician was on the constant hunt of how to do it on the cheap and by cheap I mean free. 
It ended up costing about 30.00 because we ran out of paint and we bought the door handle and T straps on top.  That was it. Labor... free. The joy I have gotten out of it.... priceless. 
 I know that slogan is a tad over done but in this case there really is no other way to say it.  I actually pull up a chair and just stare at it like it is a television.  I actually ate my breakfast two days in a row just happily staring at it.  Now I totally realize for some this classifies as crazy but when it comes to house fix ups I just can't help myself.  
The before and after are just so. much. fun.
I am always late getting my before picture...always. So my before picture is way into the project.  I used to have  tie back curtains in the doorway just to try and give my bathroom a little more privacy and mostly just to break up the rooms.  Now I also get to see my french door that leads into my closet.  That used to be blocked by the curtains.  See there are just so many advantages to my barn door. 
 No wonder I eat my meals in front of it.

The sorta before but more just the during. 
 Our bathroom is next on the fix up list.  Ugh!

The door closed.  Now seriously I know that you are just as crazy for this door as I am.  :)

The handle.  My magician honey antiqued these himself.  They were that boring silver you see and he antiqued this and the t's above.  I love them so very much.

The track was all ready old so nothing needed to be done there but the t's Tom worked his magic.

Just a closer look at the antiquing job.

Now my honey was on a roll and so he finished the wainscot behind my bed.  It used to just go half way up. We have wanted to do it for awhile and on the heals of the door frenzy, he did the wall as well.  His energy level makes me tired.  I mean I just help him paint sometimes and I am totally worn out. Haha  

BTW take a good look at that disgusting carpet because I picked up some free parquet wood floor and we are actually going to paint the parquet in checks.  It is going to be the project from you know where, sooo we are gathering our strength to do it in the next couple of weeks... maybe.  I think I will paint it before we glue it down.  Just some logistics we have to figure out too.  What color for 1.  I am thinking a light grey and a darker grey? 

I got this desk and candelabra at a thrift store for serious beans.
 I think I saw the candelabra on" Downton Abby."  It is on the table of every dining room scene. It isn't as tall as mine but almost.
 Just a fun little tidbit.  


Alicia said...

this is awesome!!! i'm pinning for future reference!!

My boy and I said...

Oh my gosh I am seriously considering hopping in the car right now, driving all the way to your house, kicking you and Tom out of your room and enjoying a nice stay while staring at your barn door! I love it!!

Ryann Hoyer said...

A barn door in your master bedroom? Barn doors are huge and it's kinda awkward to have it in anyone's house. But seeing your door now, I can't blame you if you love it so much. It complements your home’s decor, design, and it certainly adds another character to the whole room. Two thumbs up for this! -->Ryann Hoyer @

Jannet Gassaway said...

After solving your two big problems, you now have this gorgeous barn door in your master bedroom. Congratulations to you! You’ve waited long enough to have it, so I’m sure you were very happy and satisfied right after you finished this home project. It looks great actually; simply beautiful!
Jannet Gassaway @ Walker Contracting

Francisco Close said...

It’s good to hear that you’ve finally resolved your issues. Thanks to your magician honey for making it happen. Haha! And you won’t have to bother yourself about the door slamming due to loose hinges since you only need to slide the barn door to open.


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