Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Net of Wonder...

The Sea, Once It
 Casts Its Spells,
Holds One In It's
Net Of Wonder

I have always loved the sea...
and have always found myself there as often as possible.
I have written about it extensively and still can't believe that for the last almost 18 years I have lived an hour away.  I let out a little gasp every time as it surfaces into my vision.
It takes my breath away... 
Every.Single. Time.
However, the past year I have found myself on the Pacific ocean a lot.  I mean a lot a lot. 

I know that I have mentioned that my Brother in law and Sister in law bought a house a block from the beach in Carmel-By-The-Sea.
 My favorite place on this whole planet and I'm serious.

But I don't know if I have ever said that they are our best friends. Probably, but it can never be said enough. 
Our families are best friends.
My kids and their kids are like siblings without the fighting...well most of the time.  :)
My dad said it best when he said it is hard to tell where one family ends and the next begins.
We have done everything together for 18 years.
18 Years!

They make my life more meaningful in every way.
There are actually no words to describe my love and gratitude for this wonderful family that I get to spend time with.
No judgement...just understanding and love.

They bless us in ways that they will never fully understand and are my children's second parents.
I love their kids like my own and now I love their spouses like my own.
Sometimes I will be just driving down the road  and I will just start to cry with thankfulness.
My heart is so full with gratitude that I have been so blessed to have them in our lives.

My honey is best friends and lives under 10 minutes from his brother.  That just doesn't happen for most people  They run every day, get their Diet Coke, drive around, and then John gets ready for work at our house every single day.  I joke they are more like 2 giggling girls then like brothers.  They are each others biggest support and confidants.  Sometimes I feel like my house is a sit com where the husbands brother is always over and it it makes me smile.  I am just so happy that they have each other.

We have laughed, cried, celebrated and played and done so much over the years it is just crazy. 
Then that family goes and buys this house a year ago in my favorite place in the whole wide world. Then they freaking invite us down to stay with them on so many weekends I am speechless. And we get to go to the ocean at Carmel and stay all the freaking time. (I know I just said freaking 2 times in 2 sentences but I just can't handle any part of this at all.)
Are you kidding me?
No words...
Just no words.

The Sea has cast a spell over me and I hope I never recover.
My heart is to the bursting point.
I am so grateful....

 I am getting caught up and so this is a couple of trips and there are tons of pictures because I take 1 billion pictures.   

I have my little rituals now and running along the beach every morning is one of them.
Waking up to this is something that happens only in dreams.

We sometimes go to brunch at MPCC.
I know this life, with these people, my heart.

Then we drive along the 17 mile drive back to their beach home.

 They thought paddle boarding would be they bought two.

I didn't know about paddle boarding. First, I had never done it and I was a little intimidated about getting over the waves and Secondly, and most importantly, nothing or no one was getting me in that ocean. I would hesitate to save my own child. Ok I'm kidding but that does get the idea across.
 I am cold. ...always.  
I start to warm up if it is 85 degrees and I may shed one of my 3 jackets and 1 of them is a full winter ski parka. So if I am cold on the beach then it would take me a year to warm up after being in the water.  I mean the Pacific ocean on the Northern California coast takes cold water to a new level.
I look at other people in the ocean as some type of freak alien that clearly had to be from a different specie. So I always sit/play on the beach loving every minute but fully aware of my limitations.
The water to me was like flying to the moon....impossible.
Then on this day...the best of all days.
Ann says to me, "Just put on one of our wet suits.  I promise you won't feel a thing... these are extra thick"
I wanted to paddle board sooo bad that I believed her.  Really any other time I wouldn't have believed her. Deep down I just couldn't see how a wet suit could help that much.  I have worn crappy ones in the past and when I went in the water it filled up with cold water and I froze and I would think to myself, That it was not even worth the effort to pull the dang thing on." 
I suppose she just really caught me on a weak moment.

So all of this is to say that I pulled and I tugged and I tugged and pulled some more and I got that dang wet suit on. 
Without being too dramatic it changed my life.
My life is broken up into two equal parts.
BEFORE the wetsuit and AFTER.

I grabbed that paddle board and gingerly tippy toed onto that unknown substance that had been off limits to me for so long and I got knee deep and then waist deep and that is when my world got shifted on it's axis and I realized that Ann was not lying to me...I didn't feel a thing.

It was my best day ever.  

Well let's just say that paddle boarding was an absolute ball and this was my funnest day ever until my next funnest day. Ann and I laughed so hard I could barely breathe.  Plus once I was out there and wasn't spazzing out and falling off my board it was so relaxing and peaceful and 
I was that alien that got to play in that water!!!

This guy that photobombed this picture was out doing something in his sea kayak and we made friends with him.  He trusted me with his camera and we traded shots,  Did I mention I was not even cold?
So after our turn was up and we took the paddle boards back to the beach Ann and I just boogie boarded and played in the waves.  I din't want to get out. I never wanted it to end.

Tom and John made dinner and brought it down to the beach and I stayed warm in my new whale blubber.
The sun went down over the ocean while we ate and everything was just as it should be in my world.
 I am now officially in the AFTER wet suit portion of my life.  

Do I even look cold?  Nope

Last time we went we went to Pebble Beach and I am done writing and I want this to be over but I loved it.

This is what we do. This is how we spend a lot of our week ends.  After our fun is over we wait until like 9:00 and then the kids fall asleep on the way home.  
I am just so grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Road is Life...

The road with all it's bumps, corners, cracks, sharp turns, stops and smooth sailing I can see why people compare the open road to our this journey we all call life.

I love to drive
Ok we love to in me and my love.

I may have written this before but it will always warrant repeating because little things like that make up who we are. 
Driving 12 hours to Utah...nothin'
In fact driving 17 hours to our cabin in Montana every summer...nothin'
Tom and I jump in that car and just take off.  Most days it is just to get our comfort drink "diet coke"  because of his having to work and all. But the funny thing is even on our way home we will drive around our neighborhood for the millionth time to make our little drive longer.

So it is absolutely no shocker that last Monday, October 19, 2015, which is our 25th wedding anniversary, we drove (and ate) up and down highway 1, laughing our heads off.

Oh the irony of it all.

I had no idea that when I became Mrs. Thomas Groesbeck Call at 21 years of age, the journey we were about to embark on.
How could I?
I was, for all intents and purposes, a baby.
Me and my love have grown up together.  
We have journeyed down the road of life and brought 4 unbelievably, indescribable, amazing human beings into this world. We have experienced and grown through heartbreak, loss, pure joy, fear, stress, bliss and my favorite... unconditional love.

Huge pitfalls have unexpectedly been thrown our way along with stretches of just straight open road. 
But through it all we are side by side...hand in hand.
How was I so smart?
How did I marry someone that I would fall more and more in love with with each passing day?
It was 2 parts luck with 1 part of my soul telling me that I found him.

I found him and he found me.
This is something to really celebrate. 
25 years is a really long time.

So we spent the week end in Carmel as a family and then John and Ann took my kids home Sunday night and Tom and I stayed by ourselves at their house. 

We rented a little convertible and Thelma and Louise style just drove...well except they were running from the law but whatever.
The point is we drove and drove. 
We drove down the magical coastline of Big Sur with our hair blowing in the wind talking and laughing every minute.  (Much of the laughing may or may not have been caused by using a selfie stick for the first time:))))

We drove back to Carmel still laughing and rode bikes and had a picnic on the beach and got pastries at our favorite Carmel bakery and we drove some more.

We drove up highway 1 past our favorite coastal towns all the while with the ocean out the right side of the car and taking pictures of lighthouses and us because of that darn selfie stick. We drove along the coast at sunset up to San Francisco.

I know...I can't believe I get to be me and this is real life.

We ate at our favorite pizza place Gialina's and it should be noted that this is not your run of the mill or even slightly better pizza joint.  This is voted consistently the best pizza in San Francisco.
It is that good.

Followed by bi rite.
Somethings never change.

Some things really don't change.  
Most things do.
The person that I am on this journey with will never change.
He owns my heart.
Driving side by side all day on our 25th wedding anniversary is the best kind of irony.

I woke up the next day tucked in my loves arms praying that we will always have each other on this road we call life.

So we celebrated 25 years and 1 day.

All pictures taken with my iPhone because of that darn selfie stick....hahahaha

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