Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A fireplace redo

I did not like my all brick fireplace since the moment we moved in. All brick no mantel. There was no way I was going without a mantel. Where do you put darling things and of course there is the Christmas stockings to think about. I gave it a very small band aid by buying the walnut chunky mantel which I love, love from a great house in the Oakland hills. But I still was not sure what I wanted to do with all the brick. Lots of things crossed my mind like river rock or carmel rock but I couldn't decide so I just sat on it for six years. :) In the end I thought the cutest and easiest thing was to just cover up the majority of the brick. I wanted it to be fresh and light and not a big dark hole in the room.
A quick and easy fix right?

Well sort of but only because halfway through the project my honey said, "We should have done sconces." Do not ever say the word "sconces" and "should of" in the same sentence. Now I couldn't shake it and there just had to be sconces. I love sconces!! My honey agreed and now the "quick and easy" took a serious turn for the worst and it turned into a top ten hideous project.

But in the end I think it turned out great and looks 1000% better.before but we already took the mantel off



I am linking up to My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

I am grateful that my fireplace is done and it turned out pretty darn cute.


Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

That looks fabulous! I would love to cover up some of my brick too. I love that mantel. It's nice and beefy. Looks really good. How did you wire the sconces?

The Hopeless Romantic said...

I love the brick. I dont think it looks bad at all. After painting all around it white, i think that really made a big difference. The walnut just pops. Its stunning. I know what u mean about projects getting alittle crazy sometimes..We are always biting off way more than we can chew. But somehow manage to get it done. Sometimes "quick and easy" projects are anthing but that, lol............Bonnie

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