Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Never Ending Story (the master bathroom hideousness part 2)

I know I have talked about our broken water heater...blah blah blah.
You know how I said in that post that secretly I was excited because I never had to lay my eyes on that vile linoleum again? 
Yea I must have been crazy because there is not one thing I am excited about at this point.  
I am exhausted.  Once again i am a little afraid of sounding like debbie downer and a little ungrateful and that is certainly not my intention.  

It's just that when you try and tackle something as huge as a master bathroom on a budget of under $150.00 and a husband who is doing the entire thing himself and he has a full time job and so he is working literally through the night because he is worried that I am going to freak out at the mess and there are decisions to be made and so you are wandering around your house wondering what lights you can take from what room to put in the bathroom because the ones you have don't look good with the decorating direction you are going.  (Yea I know my college English professor would not like that run on sentence but it really gets my point across.)

It just makes me remember be careful for what you want. 
Granted my water heater went out and there was nothing I could do about that but why didn't I just fix the hole in the wall instead of having my honey make the darn adorable cabinet and put up all the wood on the walls and put new furniture in there. (And don't be confused by new furniture because by new I mean free on the side of the road...but I will get into the details of what we did later.)
 I wanted a cute master and at the end of the day I will... but at what cost. 
In the mean time I have totally worn out my husband and completely thrown our lives upside down for a month now. 

In the end having a cute house never is and never was happiness.  
I know this.  
I thought for sure that when I got my hardwood floors throughout my house, instead of the nastiest carpet on the planet, that I would never have a bad moment as along as I lived.  I thought I would skip around my house twirling and I would talk to my children in soft, gentle tones and all would be right with my world...forever.
I don't even remember if I twirled I am completely ashamed to say that I have actually yelled at my children since the floors.

You see what I mean?
Pinterest messes with us. I mean I wanted a cute house before pinterest but now I have actual images of how I want my house to look.
So this has been yet another learning experience. 
And yes I still might twirl when this is over... but it is for totally different reasons.  
It is simply because it is done... and we have stayed on our budget of under $150.00.

This has been the process so far.

Take out all the existing cabinets and put in the floor.  
As it turns out my poor honey could have tiled the Taj Mahal in the amount of time it took to put these beauties in.  They are a total nightmare to get even and I have seen few projects get my poor honey that

K the furniture with its first coat of prime is in.

The other little dresser is in and the mirror that has been out in my garage will go above.

My covered patio with all the old builder grade cabinets.  
Everything is a total mess.

I painted the furniture the final color and the good news is I love it.  I have used this color tons and it is tried and true.

The existing handles we still used

I pulled these from the pool house and they look amazing with a few adjustments that I will get into when I show the bathroom completed.

The wood going up...It actually looks good but next to my master it was too rustic so we ended up painting it white.

This little cabinet I know looks harmless but it rivaled the floor in making my man crazy.  He had to build out the wall thus doing wall board and taping and texturing.  Yuck!!! Plus the window weighs a million pounds and so building the box to hold it was a nightmare.  He also had to extend the vent and build drawers.  
It started so innocent when I just said,  "Wouldn't it be cute to have a built in cabinet right there? Is that something you could do?"  And like I have said before my honey says yes to anything I say so...this started.  It really is cute but I feel guilty.  
So these pics are the durings.  

Basically it is done now except for the marble counter and you just wait until you hear that story.  It is such a good one! And just medicine cabinet stuff.  
We are almost to the finish line....and almost could last a long time.  :)

K the truth is I am really grateful still for all of it....the bathroom, the mess, the fact that my love has the skills to do this that saved us thousands and thousands of dollars.  Clearly my angst are first world problems.  So when I read back on this someday I want to remember that my love was out of town and I was tired.  That happens sometimes and I vent a little here.  But at the end of the day truly I was simply grateful.

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