Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Easter...

Just checking in to say happy Easter and to let you know that I am busy celebrating the rolling green hills, trees covered in pink flowers, daffodils and tulips that greet me wherever I go. 
Oh my gosh the smells!
I have so much Jasmine and orange trees blooming in my yard you can't imagine how the air is perfumed.
And the highlight of my spring, sitting on my outside couch, watching my little bird friends that have lived in the same birdhouse in my backyard take such good care of their babies.  The finches mate for life and they take turns diligently bringing worms and other creepy crawly things to their screeching babies.  We can't get enough of watching them build their nest, lay their eggs, take care of them, and then we watch them fly away. It's a little like Charlotte's Web though, we know one of their babies will pick this same spot to get married and raise her babies when the time comes. 
Life keeps moving on...
During hard times and the best of times life is moving.  When spring comes and the world wakes up I just need to remember to celebrate.
Celebrate it all.

1 comment:

My boy and I said...

Holy stunning pictures! Your house could not be any more perfect and cozy. I am jealous of the orange trees :) Miss you like crazy and love you! Come visit Oregon, or even better move here! (Well only if we end up staying here haha)!

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