Friday, February 20, 2015

All About the Journey...

Yessss... another 3 day week end with the kids out of school.  Thank goodness for Presidents of the United States!
I woke up giddy and decided with the near 80 degree days we have been having that it was most definitely a beach day. I hadn't been to Stinson for a spell so Stinson it would be.  I packed up the car with me and the littles.  (Hard to believe that I still call Ella a little at 13 years old.  Saddest day of my life when she refuses my fun like her big brother.  When I asked him if he wanted to go he said he too many things to do....Yea right.)
So by the time we were backing out of the driveway Tom said that he couldn't work because everyone was out of the office....double yes he was coming with us.  

Over the Richmond bridge we go...

And as we were about ready to get off the exit to go to Stinson Beach we realized that all 11 million bay area residents and some tourists to boot were headed there as well.  So we kept right on driving up the 101 and decided to go to Point Reyes seashore so I googled that and we were an hour away.  Say what? How did that happen?  Nope not going to drive that far.  Ok what's next?  Tom googled beaches close by and up comes Rigby's cove.  Perfect only 10 minutes away and you have to hike a mile to the beach so nobody will do it and we will have the beach to ourselves.  Wrong.  All 11 million people and tourists were doing that too.  No parking anywhere...double dang.  OK what's next on the docket? The marin headlands and walk to the Point Bonita light house...I love lighthouses.  
Always have...always will.  
Their seemingly romantic history and guiding ships safely home gets. me. every. time.  

So with our picnic basket over Tom's arm we headed out. Loved it...loved it all.

We ended up finding a beach after all and fighting over who was going to have the last of my sugar cookies...ahhh perfection.

Not ready for our day to be over by a long shot we headed into San Fran and ate dinner at "Little Chihuahua"  our favorite burrito with plantains and black beans followed up by some bi-rite salted caramel and because now I love their creme brulee...a little bit of both to end our day. 

 Just another reminder it is never about the destination but always about the journey.

If we ended up going to Stinson beach where we wanted to go, I would have missed this...

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My boy and I said...

You live in an absolutely gorgeous place. Holy cow, we simply must come visit! You guys always have so much fun! Love you!

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