Monday, March 28, 2016

A Bunny for Easter....

We got a bunny for Easter...sorta.
Well not technically...
He came about 1 week before.

This is how it went down.

I first need to point out that I am sooooooo not spontaneous when it comes to animals.  I ho and hum and it never really happens.  I have super legitimate reasons and especially for dogs.  We have talked about getting another dog OK since Louis died. 

We, as in Ella and I, talk breeds on the daily.  It's one of our many favorite pastimes. 

Seriously too many reasons to name why it hasn't happened but a lot of the reason are costs and as much as I loved Louis he was so much work.  Granted 95% was his breed but he has scarred me just a little bit...ok he scarred me a lot.
So we have had our fair share of small rodents, (hamsters and rats) crabs, fish and a cat.
We have loved them all.

Enter me going to Utah for my much needed sister's trip 3 weeks ago.
I love them so much it hurts.
Anyway while I was in Utah, Angelin, my oldest sister, had a baby bunny.
I was in love.

I came home and 2 days later we were the proud owners a baby mini lop named Oliver.
I never thought about anything and exactly 0 seconds went into where he was going to live or any other questions you should ask yourself before bringing home a new animal.

The conversation was as follows.
Me: Ella and Charlie lets go look at the baby bunnies at Alamo Hay and Grain

Me: Aren't they the cutest babies you have ever seen.  We should get one right now.

That baby Oliver is currently living in Ella's bathroom with free reign of the entire space.  He is potty trained (95% of the time) to go in my jelly roll pan with a cake cooling rack above it so his poo goes through the slats.
Why? Because I never asked or answered the question of where he should go to the bathroom or again...where he should live.
When we got him home we put the little thing inside of Tom's dirty clothes hamper because that was the best we could do.  I was sad because it seemed too small for him so we just gave him the whole bathroom. Ugh... I am such a ding dong.  But it has worked and Tom will eventually build him a bunny hutch outside.  Little Oliver is soooo very loved and considering exactly 0 seconds went into planning for his arrival... 
we and our baby are getting along splendidly.

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