Wednesday, February 24, 2016

He Found Her....

My oldest child has found the perfect girl for him.
 I can't believe I am even writing this down and yet in other ways it feels exactly right.
She is his everything.
 She is beautiful and smart and gracious and thankful and most importantly,
 so very kind.  
His siblings got a new sister and Tom and I got a new daughter.  I have prayed for my children's spouses my entire adult life. 
This amazing girl  has lived this whole life not knowing us and we not knowing her.  She was a baby and a little child.  She was a teen and now a young women.
Our lives are meshed with hers forever because she loves my boy.
And we love her.

My heart has been to the bursting point over the changes because I can't believe I am here. My head says it's impossible. My Nicholas... my first child. I looked in his eyes during his first hours on earth and promised him that I would love and take care of him forever. And I have loved that strong toddler and active loud school boy.  That naughty and wonderful and funny teen.
I loved him as I watched him become a man. 
He was hard and fun and impossible and easy and we learned and we grew together as mother and son.  He taught me so much about myself and we cried and laughed and forged a bond that I am beyond grateful for.
My wonderful wonderful boy who has a strength in him that I can't put into words.  This depth and love and understanding of the world around him.
He is special.
He is my absolute joy.  
I held his hand during it all.
And now I am finding the strength to let go.

It was only fitting that they fly home so Nicholas could propose in the city he loves so much.
So many funny stressful things happened along the way from cancelled flights to breaking down in Marin county 15 minutes before he was to ask her hand.
But in the end on a sunny Valentines day, with the Golden Gate Bridge for a back drop
he asked his dream girl to be his wife.
I made this video for these cuties to help them remember this special week end. 
 I just love them both so much.
I am just so grateful to be a part of it all.
I am so grateful to be a mother.

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