Sunday, January 10, 2016

How did that happen...50 years old!

I cannot even begin to wrap my head around the fact that my Tom is 50!!
"50" as in half a century or 5 decades.

Despite how bad I do not want this milestone in our life... it is inevitable unless we are dead.
I keep telling myself that. 
 I 100%  realize that this is a morbid statement but it helps me to realize that this is life.  
You get old.

I have been thinking about how to celebrate Tom's big day since October.
It was like this little festering sore that just sort of bugged me all the dang time.  I went to bed with it on my brain and I woke up with it on my brain.
Obsessive? For sure.
It's one of my many talents.

The difference between me and a lot of people that obsess over things is that most  people get their crap done.  They would have come up with an amazingly delightful and incredible idea for the celebration in that amount of time. (2 months)
Their brains are resourceful and imaginative but alas I struggle with this department as well.
Now granted Tom told be a head of surprise parties.  So that was off the table which is pretty typical of a 50 birthday party.
The next problem was finances.  It just seemed like everything would cost too much money.
I just wanted it to be epic and so special.
So I stewed and stewed and stewed some more and asked everyone I knew what ideas they had for me.

In the end I just had to dig deep and  I wrote him a love note with a list of "50" of his favorite things.
Our job was to cover as many of those 50 things in a day.  I knew there would be leftovers for the future as well but we would give it a "Call" try.  I gave him gifts a long the way that corresponded with his 50 favorites.

We got his diet coke and headed to Oakland and Berkeley and San Francisco.
We ended up in Carmel that night to spend the next 4 days with the family. Nicholas had just flown in and drove down with John and Ann so it worked out perfect.
We did what we did best and we ate and played and talked and reminisced. 

I think it turned out to be a perfect celebration of a life well lived. 
I am still working through feelings.
Just so many feelings people.
It has really thrown me for a loop and I don't even turn 50 for 4 more years...

But I just keep telling myself what a blessing to keep having these birthdays, and to spend more time on this amazing planet, on this journey with the people I love most.

But do not say, "welcome to the the 50's club" when I turn 50 or I will burst our bawling or turn ridiculously violent and I just don't want to do that. But I will have to and then I will be embarrassed.

So I love you Tom Call who is my night in shining armor in every way.  Thank you for being mine and here is to 50 more!!

First stop..

Second stop
Andronico's for an adult brownie.

third stop
his favorite vintage shop in Berkeley
It is crap heaven

Now time to head into our favorite city in the world...

Shopping in Union square...
Oh how my honey loves retailing.

Our favorite loaf of bread hot from the oven.
gladly did I wait in a 45 minute line for my birthday love.

Pizza at Gialina and across the street at our favorite market for our favorite salad because of the candied nuts and more favorite treats.

It was raining as we ate because this is 50.
The good, the bad and everything in between....

We still had a family party at our house because we do birthday weeks at our house.

So as Dr. Seuss says, 

And your party goes on!
On and on
Till it ends.
When it ends,
You're much happier,
Richer and Fatter.
And the Bird flies you home
On a very soft platter.

I love you Tom Call
Happy Birthday!

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