Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Pear Cottage Christmas 2015

I love Christmas but it is stressful.
I don't want to be stressed so I am trying so hard to just focus on what is most important.

 I love my tree. 
 I left it bare because My dad bought it for me and it makes me cry when I look at it.  I just want it to be about the tree...that's it.

Simplicity is the word to use for my decorating this year.
Natural elements.
Lot's of trees and garland and candles and pine cones and apples and more candles.

I am so grateful for my home.

This house, these people I share my life with.
I am so blessed.

I have to blog about the changes in the living room.
You'll notice the bookcases are done and paintings down.

I will do it in January when things have settled.

My family room is much more traditional.
It screams of everything santa and it is all for the kids.

Feeling so grateful.

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