Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Making my dreams happen...

How many people can say that their eight four year old dad is one of their closest friends and trusted confidant?

People that you can trust inexplicably in your life just don't happen.  

I have heard that if you go through life with a handful of people that fits every description of a best friend, you are one lucky human. 

I am sure I have said it before and I have no doubt I will say it again.
I am so blessed my dad is my best friend.
But right now I am just going to focus on one thing..

His goal in life... and that is making dreams come true.

I called him up because he was coming to my house for Thanksgiving.  I casually mention that I was trying to figure out how to get Nicholas and his girlfriend Natalie to my house as well.

"I will pick them up," he says like they live next door.
Keep in mind it is 4 hours to Rexburg ID from his home. Then another 12 hours to my house.
Did I mention he was 84?

He was in the car for 16 hours straight with his sore, stiff legs.

 We go to Costco where he sees this bear.
So my dad simply states,
" The twins have been wanting this bear, I'm going to get it for them."

Ummm did you see the freaking bear? hahahahaha
The twins in this story are my 15 year old nieces and he wanted to make their dreams come true.
I have NEVER had so many looks and comments before in my entire life,  Not to mention the fact getting this thing in my dad's Lexus.  That is a story in of itself...soooooo funny! 

So I was talking about decorating for Christmas and somehow...don't ask me how... I guess I said something about not having a real tree and that someday I would like a real tree again.  Oops, because my kindest dad  has to make that dream come true.
He was soooo excited searching for the perfect tree for my home.  I honestly can't even look at that tree without crying.  Ridiculous but true.

The whole week and a half he is constantly just trying to make everyone happy.
More examples...
Asking Charlie what he would want in the whole world to eat for dinner.  (He is the pickiest human on the planet...if you think you have a picky child I have you beat. :))
Charlie never hesitated as he said, " Macaroni and cheese" so my dad wants to get him the most fabulous mac and cheese on the planet.  It was found at Lunardi's.
Benjamin's favorite meal was salmon so 50 dollars of salmon was bought.
Let's see... we love thai so a beautiful thai meal was bought.

Ice cream was mentioned so he bought 2 quarts of bi-rite.
Egg nog and salted carmel.

He bought each child 4 baby bottle pops.
Long story there but in a nutshell he has been buying them baby bottle pops for like 15 years.
He buys 4 because for the first 5 years they fought over who stole who's, who licked who's and generally being ungrateful children.  Instead of never buying them again he decided that he would buy so many for them that there was just no way they could fight. 
 It worked.

He bought them drinkable yogurt...again this has been going on for years.

He makes you feel like the most important person in the entire world.

My John and Ann family has adopted him and they call him grandpa.
They love him like their own.

Thank you dad, from the bottom of my heart.
But for all that said, the only thing that my dad needs to do to make my dreams come true is stay on this planet with me.
He is so very loved.

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