Monday, June 22, 2015

Fenton's Creamery...

Oh nothin'...just eating ice cream.

After Stake conference tradition dictates eating Fenton's ice cream in Oakland.
The only time it doesn't is when Nicholas is in town.
Just kidding Nick I think you have officially earned it back...

The back story:
K when Nicholas was a teen probably in the ninth grade or so we went to stake conference.  After the meeting everyone assumed, and nobody more so than Nick, that we would go to Fenton's.  After loading everyone in the car, we informed the kiddos that Benjamin had a soccer game and that we weren't going to have ice cream.
Now you have probably heard that teens resort back to toddlerhood but unless you have a teen you have never seen a temper tantrum quite like it.  
He kicked and flaled his big arms and yelled that we were the worst parents in the history of ever.

The same punishment goes for teens as toddlers so I said, "As long as you are on the planet I will never buy you Fenton's again."
Harsh? Maybe.. but c'mon I love the guy but I was ticked.
That was somewhere around 6- 7 years ago and I have not once bought him ice cream at Fenton's.

When he saw the pictures he wondered if he was out of the dog house yet or if I was still going to hold strong.
The answer is holy cow yes you are.
I think I got my point across sufficiently and that kid has certainly earned Fenton's back.
Come home...when are we going?

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My boy and I said...

I am finally back to the blogging world. At least for a little bit to try and catch up! But holy cow on all your posts. I mean you seriously are the best blogger ever! You write perfectly and make me feel like I am right there with you. And your pictures...there're simply magical! I love you dear aunty!

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