Wednesday, April 22, 2015

She is still mine...
And I thank my lucky stars.

She's strong and walks with confidence.
She is poised and articulate but has a shy streak. 

She loves her brothers but she is sensitive and they can hurt her with one look.
She is smart. 
She's has a heart of gold and is kind but don't tick her off.

She has one best friend and they laugh and giggle together endlessly.
She has zero girl drama and she doesn't care a wit about any of it.
She doesn't care about fashion or primping. 

She has a wildness and a love of life.
She loves the water and plays in the freezing ocean for hours.
She's athletic and fast.
She's competitive and wants to win.
She loves animals.

She is still a little girl but in a young women's body.
She sleeps every night holding on tight to her teddy bear.

And every night when a tuck her in 
I thank my lucky stars
She is mine...

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