Monday, April 20, 2015

Easter Week-end...

I was having family over for Easter dinner. 
Doxey's to be precise.
I was planning on eating outside because that is where we eat 9 months out of the year. We have had blue skies and 70 degree weather for months because California decided to skip the rainy season for the last couple of years...thus the drought. Which as a side note I am really mad about because we can't water my! 
But for right now, besides my lawn, my yard is the garden of Eden and smells of jasmine and my Easter dinner was going to be heavenly. 
However, this Easter we got a serious cold front Easter weekend and it was waayy to cold for outdoor dining...I mean it was like 62 degrees. 
So plan B and I had to bring the outdoors in.  
Since I decorated my table with Jasmine my whole house smelled sooooo good!!
To cut down on stress for Easter dinner I mostly decorated on Saturday but I put all my table pictures together to keep it all orderly.  
I'm good like that...

A little Easter fun...

Off to go see baby bunnies and chicks...

This picture kills me in black and white and color.

I mean seriously...I want one sooooo bad.
I want the coop.
I want the chickens.
I want their eggs.
 Easter day was weird/different.  We didn't go to church because we had General Conference at home.  No church on Sunday means no family pictures because we barely got dressed let alone be in cute clothes.  So it sorta didn't even feel like I said weird.

I am sure it was the kids favorite Easter in the history of ever.  
We still had the Easter egg hunt with all the candy but no church...Score 1 for the kids!

 He is as not as serious about the Easter egg hunt as he used to be.  :(
He was at a leisure stroll while the other two ran circles around him and then after it was over he looked around and said, "Does anybody want my candy?"
What is wrong with him?
I hate that they grow up...have I said that before?

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