Friday, April 11, 2014

My New Favorite Day...

Ben wanted to fly his kite. 
(He takes his kite flying super serious) 
We needed a good wind and so we drove to Chrissy Field in San Fran.
Then all of a sudden it ended up being my new favorite day.

I am not sure how...
some days are like that.
Some days you have high hopes for it and put expectations on how great and fantastic and memorable the day is going to be.

Other times you just load up kids and drive and think nothing of it.
And then suddenly you realize sitting in a middle of a huge field, over looking golden gate bridge and the bay, in the sunshine, and watching your kids play and laugh and run and climb that something wonderful happened all on its own.
And somewhere in it's ordinary something extraordinary happens and it becomes 
your new favorite day...  


Sarah and Scott said...

miss you guys! and san fran

My boy and I said...

You guys do the funnest things! I want to come visit so bad!!

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