Thursday, March 6, 2014

Venting and Walking

Ok for real it has been one of those weeks

The kind that makes you dig deep and count all your blessings because no matter what you know that you are so blessed it is totally ridiculous.
 But you have to think about it because if you just wallowed on the surface life seems a little dark, a little overwhelming and a lot hard.

And just to jab me and make sure I knew it was a hard week I broke the antique glass in my kitchen cupboard.  
The one in my post below that goes on and on about getting the glass, cutting the glass and loving the glass.
Yea that one.
It shattered into about 15 pieces 
(only because of the chicken wire holding it together, otherwise it would have been in about 1000 pieces) and on its way down it tried to do as much damage as it could.
So it cut the cupboard and made about 5 holes in my hardwood that are seriously deep.
I am a grown 44 year old women and I stood in the middle of that glass mess and cried.
It was the straw that broke the camels back.
It is also the dumbest and least hard thing that happened this week but I was spent and I was done.
I cried and it felt good.
Now I have to think of what to do with that stupid cupboard because we don't/can't get that stupid glass anywhere. 
And like I said this is the least of my problems but it seriously ticked me off.

I think in a world of Facebook, twitter, pinterest and blog land everyone's life looks so pretty and so easy and so perfect.
And even though we know that is absolutely not true it is easy to forget sometimes.
So I am going to pull up my bootstraps, think of these times that made me so happy and continue to count my blessings... with this family of mine at the top of the list

And actually the real reason for me writing today was not to vent, well not completely anyway, it was to tell my little blog about our walking fun in San Francisco and Berkeley.
So we have been taking walks/hikes all these cities starting in January. 
Almost every weekend...
We have had this book with walks all over San Francisco's neighborhoods for a couple of years now.
But our book of Berkeley's neighborhood is new.  Berkeley has all these secret staircases and this book tells you where they are and guides you through the different areas.
So depending on time we go to San Fran or Berkeley to explore.
Sometimes its the whole family, sometimes minus Ben, sometimes plus uncle John and sometimes just my honey and me.
But there is no better way to get a feel of a neighborhood than to walk it...and I have loved getting a feel for these amazing cities.  The houses, the people, the vibe...all of it!  

The twin peaks walk in San Francisco
This was a serious hike.  We started at the Castro on market and walked up.  You can see market behind us.  
Yea Charlie!

All walks/roads lead to  salted caramel ice cream too.

Berkeley but I can't remember where.  
They are all starting to run together a little

Civic Park in San Francisco...It was also Presidents day.

Ugh! I can't remember this one but it was in San Fran and we walked to Lombard street and it was windy and cold and so much fun...

Seriously good pizza

K this was just last Saturday night and we went to 
Haight Ashbury.
We knew we wanted to do this neighborhood walk but minus any kiddos. You know because of the 60's and all. I actually lasted about ten minutes and I was done with that scene...just not my thing.
But no matter we hiked Bueno Vista park (which happens to be the oldest park in SF), played by the painted ladies, watched the lights on the bay bridge, and ran in the rain. 


So anyway I have to go read "The Grinch who stole Christmas" now. 
I am out of blogging time but don't you think it is funny how kids love Christmas stories year least mine do...they're funny.

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My boy and I said...

Oh my freaking gosh on all the pictures! I especially loved your first ones...that view is stunning! And I am sorry about the bad week, I definitely know how that goes except sometimes it is a lot more than just a bad week. But you are right we have so so much to be grateful for and it does help to focus on those things. I love you aunti Hilary!!

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