Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Wall Cupboards

Kitchen details
(The wall Cupboards)

What to do with these cupboards was a real conundrum.
These were the scenarios:
1. Rip them out because they border the dining room and then have a way bigger kitchen.
(Yea so this wasn't going to work because remember how I told you this DIY team does not gut we band aid)
2. Tear them out and put an old piece of furniture to give it some character.
 I found some really great options at a salvage place in Berkeley but they were expensive and in the end I was worried about losing storage in my kitchen. I am NOT interested in anything that makes me lose storage. 
So the only option left was to try and make what I have cute.

Now this is super fun.

How to make this wall of cabinets cute?

You marry someone who is a magician of course who finds antique glass with chicken wire. 
I am serious the chicken wire is in between the glass. 
We drove to Benicia and the lady told us that the glass has been on the side of her carriage house since the house was built in 1915. 
Oh my pure no way...there are 2 things that kill me about the sentence. 

A. She has a carriage house and you soooo should of seen it oh and you soooo should of seen her rock bungalow too. You would have if I wouldn't have deleted the picture I took because I ran out of space  on my phone and I panicked like a ding dong. So now I will just have to tell you how fabulous it was and that really isn't as much fun.

B. I bet you forgot that I was dying over 2 things in that sentence a page above so now I will just say that her house was freaking built in 1915 which is really old on this west coast.

OK now I forget what I was talking about. 
Oh yea my kitchen.
So anywho now we have the unbelievable glass but as we are leaving our cute new friends parting words were, 
"Good luck finding someone that can cut through glass and chicken wire."
We didn't really think of that... I mean it was free and it was cute.

No matter you just cut it with a tile saw.

I know we are insane, well actually it was Tom.  
He is the insane one.

So now glass shards are flying and sparks are flying as we are cutting glass with a stinking tile saw!
For the one person that is reading this...

Do not  help your husband cut glass with chicken wire with a tile saw if you are faint at heart because sparks will fly and glass will fling and you will be scared.  
Oh yes you will be scared,
You might even think that one will pierce your eye and you will never see again.  There are just sooo many bad scenarios and all of them make you want to cry.

But in the end I can still see and it was sooo worth it!

We then framed the glass and added legs on the sides to make it look like it was maybe a piece of furniture.
(Ok bedposts from a bed on the side of the road that Tom sawed off)
We painted the inside of the cabinets and Tom made that little edge also.

In the end I didn't loose any space, except I am still figuring out how to make it all look neat and tidy. 
I added some baskets, boxes and a crate that Tom made for the cereals. In fact I think I am going to sell these crates because it is so stunning made out of reclaimed wood. I need to post a better picture.

In the end it is exactly what my little kitchen needed.

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Ellie said...

WOW! what an awesome transformation. those cabinets look so vintage and amazing - it's hard to believe you just did this!

wish you wouldn't have deleted that picture ;( i hate when i do those things!

cute house!

xo ellie

My boy and I said...

Oh wow, I know I have said this a million times and I will probably say it at least a million more, but seriously someday when I have a house, I am hiring you and Tom to decorate and design my house. Not even kidding! Love you and miss you!

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