Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Boy's room needed a serious update.
I guess I knew it was bad when Benjamin asked me if it was possible to take "three little bears" clock down. Yea OK I had to admit their room was still a little like a toddlers room with bear and toy animals too boot. 
Sooo Tom found this wood for their wall and we started in. 
 I think the total cost for everything would be somewhere around $30.00 for everything.  
I kept their bedding and that is hilarious because I got both the chambray comforter and quilts when the boys grew out of their cribs and got their big boy beds. Ha!

We had most everything else...  

including the wheel and sprocket we had thrown in our side yard from when Ben got hit by a car  last spring and mangled his bike. (Long story)
The willow street sign was left in our garage by the previous owners...score.
the antique soccer ball we got on one of our trips to London.
The Broadway sign is from San Francisco and was taken down in 1920 and it is a total treasure. 
 I did pay a little, OK a lot more for that but it doesn't count in my earlier redo price because I got it way after the room was done :)  
 the old  golf clubs (thrift store)
the old tennis rackets (thrift store)
The signs all were made by my honey from scraps of wood flung in my side yard.  
Yea I admit my side yard is sorta like a junk yard but when scraps of everything are going to be made into something ridiculously cute in the near future, we just simply can't help ourselves.

So there you have it my boys new room.....

I was so stinkin' tempted to leave the wall like this and I went back and forth until I wanted to fling myself.  In the end we painted it because...I can't remember.  I still really like it...Ugh!!

Tom painted this corner piece a while back because I was missing England....

I am going to tell a baseball bat story here....
Once upon a time Nicholas was about 12 years old  and he needed a new bat. 
Bats are expensive so Nicholas and his Dad researched and talked and saved for what seemed like years.  Finally, it was time to buy the long awaited bat.
Nicholas carefully puts his new and very nice bat in it's protective bag and heads to his first game of the season.  
My boy is up, he stands behind home plate with his beautiful new bat bent in position.  
The pitch is good and Nicholas swings with all his might...
He hits and shatters that beautiful new bat into two pieces on his very first swing
Are you friggin' kidding me?  The first swing, the first hit...broken.
Now if you know me you know that I throw everything away and let alone something that is broken.  But this bat has made the cut in my chucking binges over and over again. 
That memory is just so funny to me and when I see this bat I smile. I see the whole scene again again and again. 
So up it goes right on my boys wall....I really had no idea I would have such a great place for it someday..
The End

I can't make these words  go above Hilary and it is bugging me.  I am grateful that there are no more bears in my teenage boy room....

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My boy and I said...

Oh my gosh, I love it! Someday in the future when we get a house, I'm totally hiring you to decorate it. I really love the chalkboard door!

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