Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Dave....

I love my cat Dave. 
And no that wasn't always his sorta evolved.
Started as Daisy 
(before the vet informed us we had the wrong gender for our sweet little kitty.)
Went to Davy 
(makes complete sense because we only had to change a couple letters but more importantly Dave never even knew we were calling him a different name.  We're sneaky like that)
And finally just to Dave.
(Ella was the first to christen that name. Picture my blonde piggy tailed three year old girl, yelling out our screen door at the top of her lungs, "Dave, Dave," I literally dropped to the floor dying laughing.  I will add here that I was not the only one that had a reaction to my cat's name. I mean he's a cat and his name is Dave.    Now that is seriously funny.
So back to the original point...

I really love my cat Dave.
He is special.
These are just some of the reasons why:

He let my kids do anything to the poor fellow.
i..e. Nicholas and his famous flips.  Nicholas and his tosses onto the roof or trees or furniture.  
Playing dress up and wheeling him around in the stroller.
Making him a bed in the living room and putting his head on a pillow and forcing him to take a cat nap.
the constant pool splashes ( I really can't believe he put up with this one)
Car rides and the attempted burly rides. 
Constant kid shananagins. 

He always slept with one of my kids.  
Although I have to add here that he mostly slept with Nicholas and when he left he never quite found his niche.  He drove Ben nuts because he would steel his pillow.  I can still hear Ben yelling about that one.  He drove Ella a little nutty because he would wake up meowing and she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. Sometimes he would even do that cat scratch thing on her hair and she really disliked that too. I would shut my kids door their so they could get some great shut eye before Dave would pick the child that he would sleep with that night and meow endlessly until that child let him in.  (This particular Dave habit drove me nutty.)

He was always with me.
If I was on the computer he was on the computer.  If I was in the kitchen he was in the kitchen.  If I was watching tv or reading a book he was on my lap.  This particular Dave habit made my Tom mad because he had to share me because I didn't want to disturb Dave's comfortable position.
This was a reoccurring problem.  If Dave was cozy then you couldn't move. His comfort was numero uno and nobody would ever disturb his coziness.  Except Tom because quite simply he could care less about Dave's comfort.

He was too big for Charlie to pick him up but that didn't stop him from trying to.  He was constantly in someone's arms or flung over someones shoulder or cradled in someones arms like a baby. 

He was more like a dog then a cat.
He ran up to our car when we would drive in meowing his happiness at our arrival.

He was always drinking out of the pool.

He napped on top of our cars and we had some serious close calls with this one.  He napped in the driveway and in the neighbors driveway and in the middle of the street. Ok he napped anywhere that was warm and cozy.

He was just so darn nice

 Everybody loved Dave.  
He was more then just a cat. He was my friend and he died. I don't know how and there is a little hole in my heart at the moment.
I am pretty sure that there isn't a better animal in the whole world.

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My boy and I said...

Oh my gosh, that is so sad! I am sorry, it is always hard losing a pet that has been a part of the family for so long. But I'm not going to lie, this post cracked me up. I could totally picture that poor cat and all the crazy things the kids did to him ha. It takes one special animal to be a part of one of our families:) I miss you and love you! I hope you guys are doing well!

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