Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Traditions and one New One

About once a week Ella and I have a conversation and it goes like this.

Ella: What is your favorite holiday?
Me: Probably The Fourth of July if it is at our house or maybe Christmas season, not just the day, or maybe Halloween. The truth is I am just a little fickle on my favorite holiday.
Ella: How can you not have a favorite holiday? (she then looks at me like I have four heads and I am just plain crazytown) Mine is Christmas but Easter is really close to being my favorite holiday. I love Easter soooo much!

This statement always freaks me out a little bit because how can Easter possibly compete with Christmas in a child's mind? Then again St. paticks day is like #4 and Thanksgiving is #6 so anything goes at this point.
But no matter, Santa aside, to this little girl she loves her Easter.
So we go ahead and do the two things that make this holiday so far up on the holiday favorite list.
Make cookies and dye eggs.
You have to love how simple it is to make children so happy.

Dying Easter eggs...

Easter Day
(the beloved baskets... peeps and all)
We were seriously missing Nicholas. He went down to southern California with a friend and his family.
The Easter egg hunt

This is the new Easter tradition just for me.
I have wanted to do this for I can't thing how long. Eat outside. (But not where we normally do. We eat out there every darn day.) Underneath where our couches are by the outdoor fireplace. I have no idea why we haven't done this before because it was a perfecly spectacular setting for our dinner. The setting was right out of a magazine and why in the world is eating by a fire so wonderfully cozy? I was blissfully happy and decided right then and there that maybe Easter was MY favorite holiday after all. I wonder what Ella will think? I can hardly wait to tell her.

I am grateful for Easter. Surprisingly not because of our magical dinner but because of Him who I owe everything. His sacrifice, his example, his love.

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My boy and I said...

Um..I am in love with your backyard. If I were you I would eat out there every single day! Miss you guys:)

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