Friday, April 27, 2012

Hooray for the San Francisco city pass....

I found myself worrying about spring break. 
Tom said it best when he told me that I worry needlessly every time about having the kids home from school and then inevitably I don't want them to go back. 
He hit the nail on the head with that one. 
 (It just seems like 24 hours is a long time with potentially fighting kids day after day.) But as mothers we know the key to success and happiness is to keep them very busy. Therefore the kiddos are tired and do I dare say...a little sedated. 
So with that said we packed in as much San Francisco fun as humanly possible. We were true tourists and bought ourselves the San Francisco city pass. 
Oh my that was an incredibly great idea. Every day we just got up, packed our little lunch and drove into the city for our adventure. 

It included:  The Museum of Natural History
The aquarium at Pier 39
The Exploritorium
Cruise around the Bay
Museum of Modern Art and last but not least
Unlimited trolley riding

I am telling you that unlimited trolley riding is one of the funnest things that have ever happened to me hands down.  It also happens to be one of the most expensive things... normally.  $6.00 a pop, per person, one way, to be precise. That adds up mighty fast for our family!  So this bears repeating... we had unlimited.  
We were trolley riding fools. Tom and I were trolley riding fools.  
We would of spent easily close to $300.00.
The pass is good for a full 8 days so we went back in on Monday  night after spring break (which is a school night I realize)  for even more trolley riding fun.  
And just to make sure that we milked that pass dry, Tom and I got the kids to bed on Wednesday night and skedaddled right back to San Fran at 9:00. We proceeded to ride the trolleys until midnight and then we decided it was probably time to put it to an end. 
 I am not going to lie I am really going to miss them. 
 I am going to miss me holding onto that front pole and getting the birds eye view of those amazing San Francisco views.  I love that little ding ding and hearing the cables below me.I love going up and down those steep hills.  I love it all.  I think I loved it more then my kids. OK I will say it one more time...I love trolleys.
The Museum of Natural History
The rainforest exhibit where there are hundreds of butterflies flying around
On the famous garden roof

The trolley frenzy begins...
The aquarium with my girlfriends and their kids

The exploritorium. 
Blogger has a new system and I couldn't type on the picture above. ( Isabella help me with the new blogger.  I really dislike it! )

Cruise around the Bay
Loved the view of the bridge
Museum of Modern art.
I thought the kids would last at least an hour.  I think they started complaining after 15 minutes.  There was so much I wanted to see too.  I was mad and made a note to myself.  Never bring children to an art museum because even if you want to make them more cultured it is a total waste of your time.

Back in to ride the Trolleys....

Ghirardelli Square

Look at these views.  I just kept smiling and pinching myself....

I am grateful for wonderful memories spent as a family and for trolleys. 

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My boy and I said...

Um you make me want to make the 5 1/2 hour drive this very minute!
Okay I have really struggled with the new blogger as well. I am just barely getting to the point where I think I might like it it. The best thing I can tell you to do is to remove the picture and then after you remove it you will see the curser there hit enter a couple times to make sure you have plenty of space and then go back to your pictures and add just that one. And then you can delete the extra spaces if you want.
I have no idea if I made any sense at all you call me if you can't get it! I think you have my number but I'll give it to you anyway, 801-368-7365.
Love you!

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