Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cape Cod (Day 4)

K I can't believe I am seriously still blogging about this trip. I am just kinda done with it because it is taking far too long. But the deal is this between my snippets of time and my stupid computer I am just going to have to get over it and write a little something.

I loved Cape Cod.

I really did and the lighthouses were as much fun to see as the bridges. The beaches were stunning with the green grasses flowing in the coastal breeze. I could have sat on those beaches all day but we had darling houses and villages to ooh and awe at.

The first house I really fell in love with was a quaint little cape cod in Provo Ut. It was like 19 years ago and I guess that my love affair with real estate began right then and there. I would divert all my errands to circle around that home. The people living there probable thought some creepy person was stalking them-- but nope it was just me in l.o.v.e. with their house. I still do that BTW for a perfect little charmer. It lives up the street from me and it makes me happy to see it each and every day. Actually I do that for many special houses but that one especially. Maybe I will take a picture so that you all can enjoy its darlingness too. Any-who as we would drive through the towns in cape cod I would yell, "Look at that darling cape cod, look at that cape cod." Tom had to continually remind me that indeed we were in cape cod and thus all the darling cape cod style homes. Oh yea that's right. :)

I loved Cape Cod as much in real life as I did my dreams.

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My boy and I said...

Um...okay again gorgeous pictures. And you look stunning in all of them!

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