Thursday, November 10, 2011

Newport Rhode Island (day 5)

This is the day of rain.
It also happened to be our anniversary.
But seriously it was mostly the day of rain. Rain without even a teeny tiny break.
-So we ran in the rain
-we drove to Rhode Island in the rain
-we went to the Newport Mansions in the rain
-we explored the gardens in the rain
-we walked along the coast in the rain
-we ate in Newport at a tiki hut type restaurant in the rain.
-and finally drove back to Boston, yep you guessed it--in the rain.

The Vanderbilt summer cottage called the Breakers
A summer cottage...I mean seriously. That's fun.

Along the coast somewhere. Tom and that sky give off the illusion that it is not raining. I assure you that it most certainly was.

The back of the Marble House.
Another Vanderbilt cottage

This is the tiki hut called Salvation Cafe.
It was a perfect place to celebrate our twenty one years together. A little coastal retreat with red and white striped cushions all along the exterior. Red painted ceiling and walls with candles flickering on all the little tables. Oh sure the roof leaked but no matter I was sitting next to a wood burning stove eating the best butternut squash soup I have to this date and it all was so wonderfully cozy. Certainly a night to remember...

I am thankful for the twenty one years I have had with this man and to the many more to come. I am currently not that grateful for the rain.

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