Monday, May 16, 2011

OK Let's Try This Again

Oh my heaven's I want to learn Photoshop. Finally about 6 months ago we got Adobe Photoshop 6.0 an old version that came free with our scanner. So I bought 2 books on it ready to go, and about chapter 2 I had no clue what in the sam hill they were talking about. One of those books was "Photoshop for dummies." I am not sure what this is saying about me but seriously does it have to be so complicated?

So I am trying a new approach.

I stumbled on this website "Kim Klassen Cafe" and she is teaching a 10 day free course on the basics. So I am going to see if Kim can help me understand anything...anything at all. My first class was today and so far so good. I will certainly keep you posted. If you are interested here is the info.

I am grateful for people that understand things and then try desperately to help dummies like me. :)

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