Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just Playing

OK I have now surpassed Chapter 2 of "Photoshop for Dummies." Books give information that I just don't need... it gets confusing for petes sake. This gal is telling me just what I need to know it! So here are some pictures that I have been working on. Now I really should have posted the original but Ella gets home from school in 2 seconds and so playing time is over. Maybe I will try and do that next time.

-I have learned a little about layers
-the opacity in layers
-blending modes
-how to add type
-how to add textures
and all sorts of little things.

I am having a complete ball playing around with my pictures

We went to Alamo hay and grain to look at the chicks on Saturday. I have never seen anything so adorable. Ella and I could not stop screaming and talking in really high voices. We might have to build a chicken coop and buy a little friend.
I am grateful for some new skills.

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