Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fall in a nutshell (Some of my favorite fall memories)

I feel like I have to just briefly recap fall because so many wonderful things happen in the fall. If you know me at all then you know that fall is my favorite time of the year. It is that time of year when my children add another year in their ongoing book of adventures. That alone makes me nostalgic thinking of them growing, changing and starting a fresh year at school. It is more of a beginning to me then January 1st. So scroll down and you will have a vague idea of why when September comes around I find myself grateful to be apart of another magical autumn with my little family. These are my top favorite fall memories.

High up on the best list is Newport Beach. This beach trip is a dream come true for my family. I mean the schedule goes something like this. Wake up, get yourself and your family onto the beach, stand up and get your family off the beach and then you go to bed. In between there is solid laughing and screaming from our happy, sun-kissed children. The adults might go swimming. If you are Ang you will go swimming. But the majority of the time is spent laughing and talking completely oblivious of the ticking clock. Such a contrast to our busy lives at home when father time continually dictates our full days. So I happily add this to my list of fall favorite memories.

Thank you again Dad without you these magical moments would not exist.

This was Ella as she would try and adjust to beach life with a broken arm.

I don't know what to say about Emerson's face except to say it got a little too sun kissed.

The whole group minus a couple that had to fly home early.

Hooray for birthday season! Now these are definitely my best forever fall memories.

Ella kicks it off turning "9". She is sweet and wonderful and I thank my lucky stars that I got her. This is what I tell her everyday "We girls stick together." I would be the lone girl in the sea of boys without her. She is my little friend and an amazing helper. Thank you Ella for being sweet and wonderful. Remember always how special you are in every way just exactly the way you are.
Next comes my sweetheart Benjamin. "Nothing but joy," is what I said everyday after his birth for three years. I guess I am still saying it. He is my gentle giant, my love, my one guy that says so freely, "I love you and thank you." He gives constant hugs and affection. I am not sure what I did in a previous life to get to be his mother but I will be eternally grateful. Happy birthday to my newest teenager. Please don't change....please, pretty please.

Here is to the one that made me a mother in the first place. A tender little spot in my heart reserved for him for that special purpose. He is the one that I first ached to hear him say those magical words...Mom. Nicholas is my comedian. The one that can gets me to laugh when I really don't feel like it. The one that gets the family belly rolling over some goofy accent or some hilarious observation. He takes his role as oldest seriously and knows that the other children are watching him. For this I am eternally grateful. How can you be "17" Nicholas? Please stop growing and if you won't stop, please remember how much I love you?

We spent a lot of time watching Nicholas play his first year of varsity football. All I can say is what a beast. This definitely is on the list

Benjamin had a fantastic year playing flag football and ended up taking 1rst place in the Walnut Creek football league. How can that not be on the favorite fall list?

This makes my memory list because when else are there going to be 3 million people on Market street in San Fran all in black and gold chanting, "Let's go Giants" at the top of their lungs. Or how about 3 million people on BART trying to get into the city. OK so that is not one of my favorite memories. In fact that one makes me want to cry. The air conditioning was out on the train and we couldn't move/breathe. It was quite horrific... but coming out of the train and up into that atmosphere of total elation for everyone is a highlight. We picked up Benjamin so he could come with us and experience the party. And what a party it was....

Thanksgiving is Tom's favorite holiday so I will add this for him. I will admit there is no where in the whole wide world that I would rather spend this day. Best food on the offense Mom but we really have perfected this meal.

I think this is why Thanksgiving is Tom's favorite holiday but I will have you know that this is not what I was doing and therefore perhaps why I don't have the same sediment.

OK I just love this day. It takes two things I love and quite simply combines them. Running and the Golden Gate Bridge. For all the people that follow my life so closely (ha ha) know that the day after Thanksgiving we run the Golden Gate Bridge and eat at Max's. It was postponed a day because our dear friends the Miller's were moving to Utah the day after so the day after that our tradition continued.

I am beyond happy in this shot and BTW I had my ipod on shuffle and the first song that just happened to blast in my ears was you guessed it... a little Journey, "When the lights go down on the city." Oh it made me smile and the day was so clear to boot.

Those goofy running buddies.

I know there are a lot of pictures of Ella. I just can't help myself.

What a picture to end on. This sums it up for me..I love where I live, I love fall and above all I love my family. Without them fall would be just another season instead of another magical autumn.

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Killer post Hil. Killer. Cool tunes. Awesome pic selection.

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