Friday, November 19, 2010

I love blogs. I especially love my families blogs, decorating blogs and photography blogs. However I just can't get to them and mine especially. So I have to wonder how are people updating so often. Everyday sometimes and if they are feeling a little busy and out of control well then every other...heaven forbid. I mean come on. What am I doing wrong? These are busy mothers too. Every single blog I fall on usually is a mother too with multiple children to boot. I just don't get it and I guess I never will but note to self these wonder women only have 24 hours in their day as well, so will someone please let me in on the secret!!! That goes for you Miss Isabella.

Any who to try and slowly get caught up here are pics of the kids playing and Ella's xray's of her broken arm. As you can tell from the pics below it really didn't slow her down and talk about beautiful penmanship. Her left hand writes lovely and in fact I sill catch her writing with that left hand even though her cast has been off for a week. I guess that is what happens when your right hand is out of commission for over 2 months. :(

Poor little Ella. Her arm was a complete mess. There was absolutely no bone holding it in place...Yuck!

This was taken the day she got her cast off. You can see the bone growth around her break but it still looks pretty wrong. She has to be really careful for another month.

My little Ella with her matching cast and braces. Now that just screams darling.

Look at that magical lighting
I am grateful that unless someone else breaks a bone I don't have to go to the ortho for 1 month. That will be my longest break since last May.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Dad you are supposed to be here with me this week. I miss you!!

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My boy and I said...

Oh my gosh Hilary haha I am not even near as busy as you. I only have one! If I get her to sleep I can just lay her across my lap and work on scrapbooking or updating the blog.I am sure it's going to get a lot harder though. So I love your blog, the closeups of the kids are stunning and I hope Ella's arm continues to heal! I can't believe she has braces! Love you and miss you! Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog!

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