Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A New Camera to Play With

K so anyways I know I have kept all of my faithful blog readers really in suspense about the death of my camera. As I said before it was extremely traumatic to me and caused even some tears. However, if I would of known how much I would love my new camera I would have chucked it onto the pavement on purpose--taking off the lens of course because well I still may need that at some point. After many hours of research I ended up with the Canon 30D. It is going to be a ball and I am sorry but this blog I'm afraid is going to end up with tons of my pictures as I have fun learning my new camera. I am so excited!!


dan said...

Can't wait to see the picts and have you teach me all about photography!

Sarah and Scott said...

That's ok. Pictures are great!! So let's see some :)

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