Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lacrosse and Baseball and Dance Recitals Oh My!

This is whole dance recital thing makes me so happy I almost want to scream with joy. Not only did it bring back my own dancing memories but now I get to watch my little girl do the very thing I love so much it!! Now I have to say that if you know me or my little girl you will know that this is her Mothers dream and not hers. She tolerated her first dance class at best. Although she said she wanted to try ballet in the fall so at least she is still going with it so there is hope. Just a small sliver but maybe she will feel it in her very soul like I did. Another parenting lesson..your children may or may not like what you like. But until she tells me she will never go to dancing lessons again there is a little twinkle in my eye. And if nothing else I will always have the memory of seeing my little girl do her first little steps on a stage. That memory alone might carry me forever! Chloe Miller and Ella

I am so happy here that my face hurt from smiling.

My Nicholas playing Lacrosse and this is when my new camera comes into play..I love all these action pictures!

I don't know what I had my shutter speed on here but I love the way this turned out. How can you know photographer friends these things once you download your pictures? I would like to know for future reference.

This is what happens sometimes when you play a sport as rough as Lacrosse. You get things like compound fractures in your hand and then you get surgery and then you are in a cast for way too long and your mom gets mad because she spends more time at the hospital then anywhere else in the world and I am all done with it. Oh by the way I was so freaked and worried by the whole break and surgery thing that I forgot my camera. This is Toms iphone I just felt like with all my going on and on about my great camera I just needed to clear that up because of well the poor picture quality and all.

See that break on the right? That's the bone that is causing all the trouble!

Onto baseball season...hooray! I love this age in baseball. They are getting so good and the games get intense and I love everything about it. Well almost everything except the dang practices everyday.

Ella entertaining herself at 1 of the100 baseball games this season.

Charlie at Ben's game and see why my camera is so fun!! You know how sometimes you see a picture and maybe no one would think it is that great but to you it is well...super special? Well this is that shot. I love the shadows and light and even little Charlies expression. I just love pictures ok? I am loving learning this whole thing and I love that you can sometimes capture something that is so meaningful to you and just captures that little moment in your heart.
I am grateful for dance lessons, sports and well of course my camera!


Sarah and Scott said...

What great pictures! Hope Nicholas recovers quickly.

My boy and I said...

I hope Nicholas is doing better! Ella looks just like you and the picture of Charlie is priceless!

dan said...

Awesome picts! Love the blog. You're family rocks.

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