Thursday, March 4, 2010

A New and Much Needed Room

All I can say is, "Holy cow I am glad that is over with." My poor honey has worked himself to the bone trying to finish this. But all of January passed, then February passed, and I had not seen the man I call my husband. Somewhere in the area of 6 weeks of around the clock work and the office was done. It is amazing and by far the cutest room in my house. I want to rip down the main house and start all over. I am not so sure that my honey would agree. But it is over and Tom has an office without a port a crib in it and well Charlie has a bedroom. I will keep you posted on that one but we will give the good man a break before Charlies' bedroom project. I mean they can only work for so long before they collapse. He has earned a well deserved break. Here are the pictures of all the fun.

My honey didn't want to put in a bigger window but I had to insist and I am so glad that I held my ground. Oh and by the way so is he. Picture this little beauty with English garden flowers everywhere. It will be like something out of Carmel or maybe even England for real. Anyhoo you get the idea.Here is my main man working away in his adorable office.

I love the ceiling. This is what I want in my whole house.

More of the same. But look at that window--I mean really that's stunning,

More views

Now I am showing my honey in action.

Working and working

showing signs of progress.

During the middle of the project pictures

The beginning and it started with the window. John trying to help out.

The electrical part
I am so grateful for the relatively inexpensive add-on. We just gained another bedroom--Hooray!!


Sarah and Scott said...

Can't wait to see it... in person! :)

My boy and I said...

I love it!! You seriously have the most amazing house. Tom did a really good job with that room!

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