Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our After Christmas Fun

After Christmas we went on a little trip to "Seascape." It is a resort on the coast between Monterey and Santa Cruz. It was the perfect get away after a crazy December. Well except Nicholas wasn't there. He had his own fun and went on a cruise with Uncle John, Aunt Ann, their kids and Grandma and Grandpa Call to Mexico. We played on the beach, swam in the heated pools, hiked around the hills, and played in Carmel. Oh and lets not forget the afternoon spent at Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. Little Ella playing on the beach

I mean this kid is hilarious. He actually got in the water. I am still stunned--it is ice water. Nobody goes in the pacific without a wet suit in January. I mean in the dead of summer it is cold but in the winter I can't even put my toes in. But not for Benjamin who must be part walrus--he just goes running across the sand with strangers cheering him on and barrels full speed into the waves. It is something to behold and it makes me laugh my head off. Big Ben is simply the best!

Charlie however is not our "beach boy." He basically just sits on the blanket and watches. He is what you would say opposite of Benjamin. He won't even venture down to the water. I don't think he likes the feel of the sand let alone the freezing water. How different from those big brothers. Proof they come out with their own little personalities.

Charlie in the spa. So funny he wouldn't even get in the pool. I think he thought it would be cold like ours and he wanted nothing to do with it. I finally just stuck him in kicking and screaming and then I could never get him out.
The hooties in the pool at seascape

This place is a bit of blast from the past. It really cracks me up but we all love it. Not sure if I would want to go all the time but once a year is just about perfect.

OK this place is ridiculously good. We had been driving around looking for a place to eat in Santa Cruz and Charlie had to go to the bathroom sooo bad. Tom hurried and pulled over to use the bathroom in this here "Betties." Well Tom pulls out his trusty iphone because that is what he does and looks up the reviews on the place . Turns out it was a real winner and we thought we would give it a try. They even had a veggie burger for me that was out of this world and sweet potatoe french fries on the side. It was a hit and if you are ever in Santa Cruz I highly recommend it. I am a "Betties" fan for sure.

I am grateful to live less than 2 hours away from all this fun but who is kidding who I love, love Carmel-by-the-Sea. Just look at this place-- it is like we are in a little village in England. I walk down the sidewalks squealing with delight. I mean there are moss covered thatched roofs and little tudor cottages. All of this with white, sandy beaches. It really kills me. Just the name makes me happy. Happy January!


My boy and I said...

oh it looks like you guys had an amazing trip too! I love reading your blog, you are a really good writer and it makes me laugh because as I read I can almost hear you telling me about those things in person. We love you guys!!

Dan Doxey said...

So excited to see the picts! You are becoming quite the photographer! Stunning pictures. I have to agree with you about being so grateful all of that is only 2 hours away. Oh, and the wine country (stunning right now) is just over an hour away; skiing a few hours; the city less than an hour; and on and on and on. Are you still up for the museum on Sunday! So glad to live close to you. THAT makes me squeel with delight!

dan said...

New and improved! Wow, you kill me!

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