Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Official Guide Book to England--According to Allen and his Daughters

My sisters and I decided we are going to write a book. An incredible book specifically about what people should do and see when they arrive in England. What restaurants to go to (we are picky about that English food and we can really help out here. No lamb and kidney pie on our table.) What sights should be a priority (based on hard we laughed while we were there) and of course what shops to shop at ( we consider ourselves complete experts in this area). We will also include a section to help them navigate through the small but sometimes difficult language barriers. We feel that we can now officially do this well because we consider ourselves "England Experts." We have laughed ourselves sick through England 5 times now and we feel that it is high time that we make sure that everyone in the world loves that country as much as we do. I am aching already to go back and I miss my sisters with an actual pain in my heart. House swap anyone? In the mean time here are some pictures to hold you over until the much anticipated release of our book.

The whole group in London until the husbands joined us a week later. Then we were all together for another week between London and Southern England. This may be the cover of our book but we will have to photoshop my dad in there.

Just a fun side note because well this was exciting to me. I got to London a day earlier then my sisters and I took the tube to Leicester Square (don't worry directions will be included in the book) and it was the premier to the movie the"Bounty Hunter." Well sure enough I got to meet my bff Jennifer Aniston. Now that's good times. I assure you that I caught her in a blink and she looks much better then this.

Me and my Tiffy on a boat heading down the Thames.

Me and Belle in front of the London Eye.

Tom arrives and we are in front of Buckingham palace.

Just simply having the time of my life doing the endless walking around London's streets.

Ang and I on the Beatles famous spot "Abby Road."

This is where our flat was in London.

Here we are at Oxford which is where I was going to go to school before I met Tom. Well ok that was in my dreams or some other lifetime.

"Stratford upon Avon" where Shakespeare was born.

England's wonderful "Cotswalds." OK I admit this picture is more or less about my umbrella. It really is the cutest thing. I got it in the one of our favorite shops "Accessorize." This will also be included in the book as anyone who is a female needs to make this a top priority when visiting this country. Truly hilarious times were either in the shop or searching for the mothership which is the mother of all Accessorizes in London. Best purses, shoes, hair accessories, jewelry and of course umbrellas in the world.

This picture is more about the "Cotswalds" than my umbrella. The entire area is straight out of a story book and we found ourselves screaming and pointing for an entire day. I have no doubt that the husbands are still bugged by us.

Tiffy and me trying to feed the swans.

Tiffy and I in "Bath." This entire city has so much history and is so picturesque. The bag that I am holding happens to be another incredible shopping spot that was troublesome for the husbands.

My honey and I in "Bath."

A typical scene that captures us in action oohing and aweing over some darling thing in the window.

My honey and I at "Stonehenge."
This is the magnificent bus that hauled all of us all over England.

Maybe the cover to our book but once again it is missing my Dad. What were we thinking? Just look at this country--I truly could not think of a more wonderful place. The old villages and the overall feel is enough to have me trying to visit once a month or maybe I am just going to have to move there full time.

The "white cliffs of Dover" in the background.

My sisters and I with darling Debbie Barnes who happens to live in this house that was built in 1420. Can you even get your head around that? We spent the evening with Debbie and her husband Peter and Debbie's mom. Debbie and her mom are the most wonderful cooks. They made English dishes that normally we would turn our noses up to but were absolutely incredible. She also had us spend the night but btw we are pretty sure that there were ghosts so not the best nights rest. In a house that old how could there not be a haunting or two?

Tiffy and I

And here again is the man that makes it all possible. Without him there would be no book and infinitely more important no England and no France memories. These times just happen to be some of my favorite memories with some of my favorite people. Thank you Dad for sharing your passion and your love of this magnificent country and letting me fall in love with it beside you. I love you!!!


dan said...

HOLY COW! Dreamy! The closest thing to Englad I've ever been to is either your house or Tom's new shed. So glad you have such awesome memories with your family. Seriously priceless!!!

Sarah and Scott said...

So fun! Now I am really excited to read your book :)

My boy and I said...

Okay I meant to comment on this weeks ago. But I loved reading it and all the pictures are amazing! I showed my parents and of course my mom was freaking out! You really should write a book! Love you and I will keep you updated on everything!

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