Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The children were about to be nestled all snug in their beds...

Christmas Eve and Ella is starting it out right by getting herself a nice cup of hot wassail. We had an amazing treat this year because Carol Gibson (Dan's Mom) was in town visiting them. She happens to be the world's best violin player and I mean that! Since Julie is the world's best piano player we had the makings of a Christmas Eve to remember. It was so fun to have those Christmas carols echoing in our house. I want to fly Carol and pay her handsomely for her to join our party every year.

Lucy and Charlie in matching made me laugh. Lucy looks like the make shift reindeer in "How the Grinch stole Christmas."

Benjamin was so tired by now he was pleading with me to let him go to bed. I am not sure what Nicholas's excuse was.

John Doxey and Ella

The Christmas nativity. Eliza and John Doxey and Ella

Me and my sweet Ella
Christmas Morning
I am pretty sure this picture says it all!!

That's right its an electric shaver

My sweet boy

Charlie got from Julie and Dan all these little trains. Charlie just sat and played with them for hours he didn't even care what else he got.

I love all things Christmas and I am grateful beyond words for all my family and friends that make every day special.


dan said...

Thanks for letting us share in making memories! It really was an unforgettable Christmas!
Dan & Julia

dan said...

BTW--I LOVE the picture of Ella getting Wassil. So cute!

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