Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A December to Remember...

Tom celebrates his birthday on December 22
In this picture Tom is holding the greatest invention ever invented. Dan made it for Tom's birthday and it is called "The stadium Pal." I've even included for your reading pleasure its many, many advantages for making life easier. Basically, Tom has the bladder the size a pea and we are on the constant look out for bathrooms. It is always an inconvenience but when we are traveling it is an all out nightmare! Well now with Dan's invention going to the bathroom is as convenient as holding your stadium pal. It is seriously the hardest we have all laughed in a long time. Truly genius Dan!

It snowed at our house and actually stuck to the ground. Now I really will forever dream of a white Christmas. I just didn't think it was possible.

I am pretty sure that this is the last year you will see Nicholas on Santa's lap. He was laughing so hard and was just sure he was too old for this kind of thing. I think you are never too old for this kind of thing but I am pretty sure this is one of the 1,000 arguments I continue to loose.

Tom's parents came in town and we had a great time going to "Wicked"

I officially gained probably 10 lbs. off of egg nog cookies alone. I can't help it and should probably post this recipe but it is Jan. and we should all be loosing our Dec. weight gain so I will post it next year. They are so good that they are my favorite treat hands down and it is a super good thing that Christmas comes around only once a year.

I hope your December was filled with nothing but love and laughter as we reflect on what we are most grateful for.

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