Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Brown's love the Beach!

Newport Beach with the Brown family. I don't think there is a better place to have a family reunion then the beach. The only time we leave, and by we, I do not mean me, because I never leave, is to go to the grocery store. Since that happens to be Tom and my Dads favorite pastime, they are the only ones out of all 25 of us that venture off. Well unless walking down to the doughnut shop counts as leaving. Because we do that every morning. Needless to say from sun up to sun down you can spot the Brown sisters, some husbands and Grandma plus like 50 children planted directly in front of the water. Newport Beach is empty this time of year so that really is just my family sitting there and believe me it is heaven! Nicholas drove with us down there and then flew back for football and school. It was perfect having him there and a bit empty when he left.
Winston Farr and NicholasBenjamin skim boardingKick off to birthday season. Ella's 8th birthday breakfast. We ate at our favorite breakfast spot Ruby's. Have you had their cinnamon french toast--to die for!Ella loved skim skim boarding this year and she would practice for hours
My CharlieI just thought this picture was so cute of Annabelle and Anna KateA twin and Charlie looking at their treasures
What everyone does for 1 week straight--play in the water

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