Tuesday, October 20, 2009

210 Miles, 3 States and Some Amazing Riders

The Lo to Ja finish line. This is Gardner and his son Josh (who by the way rode the whole 210 miles by himself.) He had biked on the Tandem with Gardner in years past. Pretty impressive for a "17" year old. This is Gard and his brother in law Brian. Brian is very anxious to know how far back the competition was.
Everyone at the finish line well except Tiffy she was asleep in a field close by.I love this race! It is so inspiring! Gardner has said that after doing this race for "20" yrs he is going to call it quits. I am devastated because I look so forward to being with my family in Jackson Hole this time of year. We will have to find another reason besides the Lo To Ja to spend a weekend enjoying fall in Wyoming.

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