Thursday, October 22, 2009

5 Yrs at Susan--The Never Ending Project

We moved into our home exactly 5 yrs ago this month. I fell in love with this house and location from the moment I walked in-- which in looking back was a bit of a miracle. Holy cow did it need work! But I saw the potential and believe me after looking at 100's of houses before this one I knew exactly what I wanted. So 1000 hrs later this is what we have now. These are just the "before" pictures that the sellers gave us. I wish I would have taken more but oh well. So for every "before" picture I just took an "after." Sometime I'll put other pictures of the house as well but this is a good start. After all, it is our families anniversary in our home and this is what it looked like almost 5 yrs ago today. And to think that Tom didn't think he was a do-it-yourselfer kinda guy. Ha Ha Tom--you are amazing!

I could not find a picture of the house before we added some curb appeal. It would have been a lot better with an image to show how bad it was but basically we changed the windows, knocked out the lava rock planter on the front porch, made shutters and window boxes, painted the front door, and played around with the landscaping. Needless to say I got the cottage I always wanted instead of whatever crazy 7o's style it had before.

1 comment:

Annabelle said...

WOW! I love your house! Can you come help me with mine. We have been in ours for 7 and it still looks the same.

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