Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My wonderful surprise and turning "40" in New York City

How can I ever put into words the best and biggest surprise in my 40 years. Tom has pulled off some amazing things but this beats all of them hands down. What starts out with him surprising me in a letter that he is taking me to the "city" ends with me finding out 4 miles before the airport that in fact we are going to New York City!! It was a highlight of my life and makes me smile every single time I think of it! Thank you Dan, Julia and John for watching kids and helping him pull something like this off. Tom had a party with the kids before I left and of course we had to get Dan and Julia to our house to watch the kids.
Me reading the letter that leads me to believe we are going to watch "Wicked" in San Fran. Look at me I was actually so excited about that I cried--now that's funny!

We take a red eye to New York and suddenly at 8:00 a.m. on my birthday I find myself in Central Park. It was pure magic....At 2:00 I am still in my "how did I get here fog" and find myself at the top of Empire State Building.

Now I'm feeling like the happiest person alive to be with Tom on my birthday and heading off to a Broadway play "In the Heights."

The next three and a half days are spent going to more plays, museums, running and eating in Central Park and biking along the Hudson River.

I love Tom Call and New York City!!

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Dan Doxey said...


You're a spry 40 year old. That was truly fun to see you be the last to know about it. Actually, I think from Ben on down, they didn't know about it either. Seriously fun memories indeed.

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