Sunday, July 19, 2009

We get to go to England again?!!

No but really I got to go back!! But this time I went to London for a week with my boys and then they flew home with Tom. I stayed with my sisters for another week in the Lake District in Northern England. It was not just me and my boys as you can tell from the picture. It is all the Brown boys eleven years old and above and their mothers. Of course Tiff and John do not fall into the category but they don't miss an opportunity to go to England! It has been a dream of my Dad's for years because he wanted to share his favorite city with his grandson's. To listen to my Dad tell the boys about the places, the people and the history of this remarkable country was priceless. He believes as any church members do that if it were not for England our church would not exist today. He loves this place and he wanted the boys to understand why and I know he succeeded. This is the crew on Millennium bridge in London. Who by the way is that ding dong that ruined my picture?
Me and my boys at the Tower of London. I still pinch myself and want to cry when I see these pictures!

If I look scared I am. If you got within 2 feet of this soldier he would scream and stamp his foot. He really took his job to the extreme and it was truly frightening. By the way this is Windsor castle.
Yes between jet lag and my Dad's vigorous schedule it took it's toll on the littlest of the bunch-- my Benjamin.

Me and my Tom with London in the background.The boys played hacky sack everywhere! We would just die laughing at this because we would be at some of the most amazing places in the world--I mean world class museums and cathedrals and they would just be playing completely oblivious. You've gotta love boys!

I am not kidding it really was the greatest musical in the world!! I know to most it is crazy but it is neck in neck with "Les Miserables." I started crying midway and I never stopped. It was breathtaking and the story is so beautiful. I know that it doesn't hurt that it was all about my childhood passion--dancing but I couldn't get over how much I loved it!

It's all about Tiff's purse. Her search for the perfect Burberry and London with my favorite men was over and my only hope is that this small brain can remember the details forever.


dan said...

I could see those pictures OVER & OVER! Have fun traveling tomorrow!

wenderful said...

SO happy you got to go back! I love reading about it and living vicariously through you Hilary. :) Love the hackysackers. :)

My mom wants to know where your parents ended up moving...

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