Sunday, July 19, 2009

I love England and I am just positive I am supposed to live here!

So the second week of the trip was with my sisters and Annabelle's husband Mark. My parents were there of course! Like France last year there is too many things to write down but just know that we laugh from the time we open our eyes until we finally drop asleep. The only time we are not laughing is if we are eating another batch of sticky toffee pudding. We saw the most amazing things all while my Dad was giving us our history lessons. It is ingrained in my memory forever and I will cherish it always! This picture is of me and Annabelle at some Roman ruins. I just love my little sister!
There are the most amazing hikes in the lake district. Since it was March it was so green and moss hung from every tree trunk and branch. Just a side note for my own personal book of hilarious things that happened. This is also the hike where my Dad backed over the ledge and we got high centered for a spell. It would have been al ot worse if Mark had not been around to carry the mountain sized boulders to help us make our makeshift ramp. We would have had to spend the night and cross our fingers that some really kind, strong British folks would have pity on us.

This is for sure where I would have my ranch house!
The English moors. I love, love the Bronte sisters and this is where their stories even came more to life. I mean this is "Wuthering Heights" and "Jane Eyre" country!
By the looks of this picture it could of been any town in England but this is York and it is old, quaint and stunning!

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