Sunday, May 3, 2009

Now we have a reason to go to the city! (Not that you need one.)

Treasure Island at sunset

I can never get these pictures in the right order! It really bugs me. I might stop blogging over it. Which really shouldn't be the reason. The real reason should be that my family doesn't even read it! (Of course that does not include you Dan and Julie)

Us at the beach after the Zoo.


dan said...
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dan said...

Cool pictures! Is that what you did yesterday while we were on our quick trip to Reno? Jealously is in the air!

Sarah and Scott said...

I can't believe you came to the city and didn't tell me :) j/k
Yeah, I don't know why blogs upload the pictures backwards... I try to remember and go in the opposite order. Sounds like you guys are having fun! Thanks for updating your blog :)

wenderful said...

Yea! No more Barfarama! It was great seeing you a couple weekends ago. Hope the concert went well with the kids. Hopefully we'll see you in June.

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