Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Road is Life...

The road with all it's bumps, corners, cracks, sharp turns, stops and smooth sailing I can see why people compare the open road to our this journey we all call life.

I love to drive
Ok we love to in me and my love.

I may have written this before but it will always warrant repeating because little things like that make up who we are. 
Driving 12 hours to Utah...nothin'
In fact driving 17 hours to our cabin in Montana every summer...nothin'
Tom and I jump in that car and just take off.  Most days it is just to get our comfort drink "diet coke"  because of his having to work and all. But the funny thing is even on our way home we will drive around our neighborhood for the millionth time to make our little drive longer.

So it is absolutely no shocker that last Monday, October 19, 2015, which is our 25th wedding anniversary, we drove (and ate) up and down highway 1, laughing our heads off.

Oh the irony of it all.

I had no idea that when I became Mrs. Thomas Groesbeck Call at 21 years of age, the journey we were about to embark on.
How could I?
I was, for all intents and purposes, a baby.
Me and my love have grown up together.  
We have journeyed down the road of life and brought 4 unbelievably, indescribable, amazing human beings into this world. We have experienced and grown through heartbreak, loss, pure joy, fear, stress, bliss and my favorite... unconditional love.

Huge pitfalls have unexpectedly been thrown our way along with stretches of just straight open road. 
But through it all we are side by side...hand in hand.
How was I so smart?
How did I marry someone that I would fall more and more in love with with each passing day?
It was 2 parts luck with 1 part of my soul telling me that I found him.

I found him and he found me.
This is something to really celebrate. 
25 years is a really long time.

So we spent the week end in Carmel as a family and then John and Ann took my kids home Sunday night and Tom and I stayed by ourselves at their house. 

We rented a little convertible and Thelma and Louise style just drove...well except they were running from the law but whatever.
The point is we drove and drove. 
We drove down the magical coastline of Big Sur with our hair blowing in the wind talking and laughing every minute.  (Much of the laughing may or may not have been caused by using a selfie stick for the first time:))))

We drove back to Carmel still laughing and rode bikes and had a picnic on the beach and got pastries at our favorite Carmel bakery and we drove some more.

We drove up highway 1 past our favorite coastal towns all the while with the ocean out the right side of the car and taking pictures of lighthouses and us because of that darn selfie stick. We drove along the coast at sunset up to San Francisco.

I know...I can't believe I get to be me and this is real life.

We ate at our favorite pizza place Gialina's and it should be noted that this is not your run of the mill or even slightly better pizza joint.  This is voted consistently the best pizza in San Francisco.
It is that good.

Followed by bi rite.
Somethings never change.

Some things really don't change.  
Most things do.
The person that I am on this journey with will never change.
He owns my heart.
Driving side by side all day on our 25th wedding anniversary is the best kind of irony.

I woke up the next day tucked in my loves arms praying that we will always have each other on this road we call life.

So we celebrated 25 years and 1 day.

All pictures taken with my iPhone because of that darn selfie stick....hahahaha

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