Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pink Is Still My Favorite...

It was time...
Pink little girls rooms are my favorite... will be forever.
I new if I was privileged enough to have a girl her nursery would be pink.
And it was.
The most pale and perfect pink there ever was.
We moved into pear cottage when Ella had just turned 3.  She was still in her little crib with her chubby arms and legs falling through the slats.

So I got her a big girl bed that swallowed her up and made her look as tiny as a bug...
and painted her room pink.

Then we added darker pink stripes a couple of years later.
And then at almost the same time little Ella and I were done with her pink room.
13 years was just the right amount of time and we both (mostly me) needed a fresher feel.

Although looking at these pictures pulls my heartstrings a bit and I wonder if I should of just kept it pink forever because it was so... her.  

But alas the ball was rolling and I wanted to redo her walls.

Enter Tom and his continual magic.
Ok so we had these old doors we got because we were going to replace them with the crap flat front  doors in our house but 2 things.
1. We didn't have enough doors for the whole house.  So what to do with that?
2. Replacing doors that are not pre hung in a 50 year old house is a total pain and I just wasn't sure that it was worth it if we couldn't do ALL the doors.

Soooo they have been sitting on the side of our house along with all the other projects that live in Tom's brain.

I casually mention to my love, "I want to redo Ella's room and I want it to be cute with maybe wainscoting or something like that."

I love to watch the wheels in that creative, magical brain start to turn and to plan and to think and to dream.
A couple of days later his brain has concocted the plan.

Tom: You know the doors that have been sitting on the side of the house for the last 7 years?
Me: That eyesore in our side yard?  Why yes as a matter of fact I do.  
Tom: I am going to use those on the wall of her bed and make them look like wainscoting. I will put them side by side and caulk up the middle to hide the seam and feel in the door handle with putty and blah blah blah...a bunch of things I didn't want or care to understand because his brain was doing exactly what I love so much.  You are going to love them.
Me: Yes I will... you wonderful wonderful man.

I didn't take a great before but you get the idea.

Now having the idea and making it work are always 2 different things.  Think how hard it is to make the doors fit exactly along that wall. Lots of calculating and cutting were required and to me it might as well been rocket science but I dutifully helped him hold the board on the table saw.


And After:

Since yesterday I posted 10 billion pics of her room I will just include this one that shows the wall with the old doors.
Pretty incredible right?

I love it sooooo much and am almost glad it's not pink.  ;)

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